Thursday, 28 April 2011

Very Cherry Happy...

I had a fantastic day out today with Cherry. She is helping me prepare for my burlesque show and so suggested we hop on the tube and do some shopping in the vintage boutiques and market stalls in Camden. Being the girl that I am I couldn't do anything but agree and with the glorious weather I decided it would be silly to stay in on  the camera all day.

It was so good to spend some time with her. She really is my best friend. We are like two peas in a pod. She knows me inside and out really, and has always tried to help me in anything I have set my mind to do. From my GCSE options at school, to my terrible decisions in fashion, hairstyles and love, and now my career as a camgirl, she has always been a rock for me.

We got the tube to Mornington Crescent and headed up the high street, straight for the market. I love walking up the colourful street though, I feel like such a tourist, but I still can't fight the smiles every time we walk past Chaos and all the other stores with their technicolour fronts and their sometimes 3D almost cartoon like signs. Cherry isn't as excitable as me, she strides through crowds with a sense of purpose, whereas I tend to pace myself, taking in my surroundings. She grabbed my arm and firmly pulled me through the throng of pedestrians until we came to the market entrance.

I knew the places to try first and had several shops on my hit list. The Arc and Rokit were the two vintage stores I had in mind. I was hoping they may have had some fans in stock, but aside from several gorgeous dresses, they didn't have what I was looking for. Arc had some fantastic lingerie too, but it just wasn't quite what I wanted.

We also hit Sai Sai and GLP for some Japanese elegant Gothic Lolita fetish looks. I keep thinking this may be an avenue I explore further as several customers have said they like this kind of look. As I am currently specialising in pin up outfits, I see no reason not to have a few extra looks at my disposal.

Cherry found it hilarious trying on the Lolita couture and we did look a tad ridiculous. But I also thought she looked rather cute in the sailor style outfit she tried on at the end. I took a picture on my iPhone and set it as my wall paper because I thought she looked adorable. She is petite enough to pull it off really. She is tiny, slim and short. She looked like a doll. I am slim, petite in frame, but fairly tall so it just doesn't give the same effect. At least I feel tall spending all my time with such a tiny companion!

In the end after visiting a few more shops I picked up a waspie from Burleska and decided it would be best to just order the fans online once I have made a decision. I've been watching a few fan dances on YouTube and I think they could be quite effective.

Cherry and I decided to make the most of the day we had left together and so we picked up some donuts and muffins from a Tesco express and grabbed a couple of strawberry and cream frappuchinos from Starbucks and headed for the parks. It was a lovely day and made we realise we need to get out and into the heart of the city more often together. The two of us are always so busy we can end up missing out on what is really important. We need to have fun and mess around and be like the kids we were to keep life interesting, otherwise for me life is going to be all sex shows and no play!

I will try and post another update tomorrow. Sorry this one has been so late. I have just been so caught up with life it's been hard to find the time! Hope you are all still enjoying the weather.

Love and peace


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