Monday, 25 April 2011

Tease me...

Nobody does it quite like Dita...

I have been corresponding with a client about ordering a special show from me. On livecam you can buy block shows with models for a discounted rate and so this person was contemplating buying 30 minutes with me so I could perform an extended burlesque pin up style performance. The rules he has laid out are that no matter how much he begs or pleads, I must not show him anything more than my ass cheeks. No nipple, no pussy, no matter how much he begs!

I asked him if he was really sure this was what he wanted because it seems like an awful long show for him to be teased and not actually get to see the things he really wants. He reminded me however that for him "the teasing is the best part." He told me that there is an agony and and fire in the genitalia as he prays for an accidental slip, that while he touches himself it is all the more intense not knowing if I will be able to keep my promise as with just one wrong move my breast could be exposed.

He wants me to wear traditional pin up clothing which is one of my specialities. I have suspenders, stockings and pasties available but I have never performed a full burlesque show before. I am thinking of investing in some big ostrich feather fans to give him a real traditional vaudeville style show, but they are expensive! I mean I will easily make enough money in a week to buy several of the damn things if I want, but between £75 - £130 is a lot of money if I only use them once. I haven't considered becoming a burlesque model before, but I suppose there may be a demand for this kind of thing and having the props available wouldn't hurt. Might even be an interesting dynamic to teasing the men in free chat. I don't think most of them would have the iron will of my tease fetish customer not to see my breasts in all their glory.

I do like the idea of performing a sensual dance for my customers though. I think when it's done properly a dance can be so erotic. I'm not talking about booty clapping mind you! I'm talking about an erotic lap dance, slowly rolling hips and limbs sensuously caressing your own body. I have always found burlesque very arousing, and have always enjoyed teasing my partners with strip teases.

Aside from Mr Tease I had a wonderful time this morning with my sexy Italian friend I have mentioned playing with in previous posts. He is the reason I am so late posting as we spent a lot of this morning together getting off. He is fascinated by my pleasure and so we used my rampant rabbit today. The last time he enjoyed watching my fingers, but seeing how wet I was getting he asked me if I would use the rabbit. He said he wanted to know my clit was being thoroughly worked. I was getting so turned on and my nipples were so hard watching him. He is one of my hottest regulars and truly a pleasure to look at. I ended up coming three times during our session I was so turned on.

I can't wait to play with him again, and he has booked an appointment for next week, so it wont be too long before I'm having fun again! And soon enough I will be performing my special strip tease when I work out the details so next week it all ready filling up with good shows.

I will let you know more about the strip show and what I am planning to do when I know, but if you have any experience with pin up or burlesque I would love to hear your comments and advice!!! I would also be interested to hear if any of you have any regular clients you have extra special fun with...

Hope you have all been having as much fun in the sun as I have!

Much love and happiness


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