Saturday, 2 April 2011

Humiliation served here ice cold...

I had my first small cock humiliation today and I loved it. It was so liberating to just take all my aggression and anger out on a guys dick while he enjoyed it. I literally just let myself go and batter this guy. I laughed at his dick, told him he would never be able to get a girl like me, never be able to pleasure me and basically was as cruel as I could be.

Afterwards I felt really calm, like it was just nice to yell at something for ten minutes! Maybe I need to let my aggression out a bit more often.

Had a really sexy Italian guy take me private for quite a while too, we did cam to cam and he was just talking about my pleasure the whole time. All he wanted to do was watch me cum which was kind of sweet.

I also had a foot fetish day today too. Lots of guys wanting me to model my shoes and talk dirty. I even had one request I suck my toes.

One problem I did have today however was sucking on my dildo. That thing just tastes nasty with its plastic cherry silicone flavour. Makes me feel sick! I'm thinking of trying out some flavoured lubes or getting one with no artificial smells. What do you reckon?

Just a quick post as I am freaking exhausted. today. Catch you soon.


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  2. Sure thing Jasmine my email is I will drop you an email soon. Feel free to contact me any time. X