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Dealing with the chaff...

During my first few weeks as a cam model I have already witnessed several trends in bad behaviour from my customers. While most are generally polite and fair, it is obvious some people are out for all they can get for free and there seem to be a few different types of grifters working the rooms trying to rip off the camgirls. I want to share my experience and offer a few tips to prepare those just getting started. Here is how to separate the good ones from the bad; the wheat from the chaff... here come the trolls!

For those of you who don't know, this is a troll face. Become aquainted with it as you will meet maaaaaaany trolls as a webcam model. If you don't know what a troll is then google it along with internet etiquette to hopefully reduce the number of them in your room. You must not feed the trolls!!!

Type one: The less than 1 minute private show...

This customer will take you into your private room and instantly demand you strip. As soon as you reveal your breasts he leaves the room. This will all usually occur in the space of 20 seconds or so as most girls will just do as they are told to please the customer. Unfortunately they will not get paid if he does not remain in the room for more than 30 seconds.

This customer is basically coming into your room to take a screen shot of you for his porn collection so the best thing to do is perform a burlesque style strip to draw out the length of time it takes for you to remove your bra. Turn your back on them, slowly slip down your straps one at a time, unhitch your bra but hold it over your breasts. Don't reveal any nipple until you are about 40 or so seconds into the call as that is all they want. If they are genuine customers they shouldn't complain you are taking ages as it won't even have been a minute and if they leave the room because you are taking too long then you know what they were after.

Type two: The "Tipper"...

This customer operates mostly in the rooms of new cam models or very busy models. His scam is to type out that he has tipped you a certain amount of dollars in the chat screen so when you are busy or inexperienced you think he has tipped you. He is demanding and argumentative saying he tipped you x amount and is hoping that you will become flustered and perform his requests without verification.

Most experienced cam models will know what tips look like and will have a separate window open with their earnings page up so they can check how they are doing during their shift. I recommend having your earnings report open in a separate window just so you can verify the liars from those who have actually tipped. This way when you see that you have not been tipped you can politely say that nothing has come through and the customer will need to take it up with one of the web support team if money has been taken from their account.

Do not feel pressured by these customers demands and politely stand up for yourself. Don't get aggressive or upset no matter how petty these men get. I do not flash my breasts for tips in free chat and one of these "Tippers" told me he had tipped me $10 and so I had better get my tits out. He was lying about the $10 and had literally just typed **** has tipped $10. It also clearly states in my profile that I do not flash for tips so I was very polite but in the end told him that the money had not gone through but even if it had, I would not be flashing my breasts as stated in my profile. This customer then tried to rip me off with a less than 1 min show but left before the 30 free seconds were up.

To be honest after that customer I needed to take a 30 min break to calm down as I was pretty angry that he had cleared my busy room by taking me private, taken me away from real clients and just tried so hard to rip me off. I didn't want it to affect my show so I logged off as I would recommend to anyone having a bad shift. Be kind to yourself and don't get totally caught up in the money. You need to look after you emotionally otherwise you will end up hating the job.

Type three: The Frenemy...

This guy is, I am sad to say, a loser. He is that guy that will spend his whole shift hanging around your room all day talking to you and trying to essentially build up a friendship. He has a million reasons not to take you private. He respects you too much. He doesn't want a sexual relationship. He has already spent his limit. He just missed you online and spent it on another girl (lie btw he is far too cheap for that).

This bloke basically wants you to be his girlfriend. He is in it for the long haul. Wherever you are in the world he is saving up to come visit you for real because he wants to get to know you. The real you etc. He will clog up your chat feed with questions and chatter making it hard to read other paying clients requests and try to take your attention away from people who you could actually be giving a show.

It's hard with these customers as sometimes you feel a genuine rapport and they can talk about things you are interested in discussing, but you must remember you are at work and if you want to make money it is better to ignore these "friends" because they do you no favours in the long run. Sure if its a slow shift then chat to them, use them to your advantage to keep you buzzing, but you must politely ignore them if after several shows they show no sign of buying. They are getting off on your attention and special relationship and the best thing you can do is slowly cut them off. You need to worry about your earnings and they are just wasting your time. Say hello, respond to a couple of questions but work that room.

It's like panning for gold and those guys are need to be tossed back in the river. In my mind if they really cared about me then they would be buying a show from me to support me and that really makes it much easier for me to reject them no matter how nice they try to be.

Type four: The I will take you to private if...

I was in two minds to put this type up here because this one is a bit hit and miss but I feel it should be mentioned so you can make your own judgement call. It comes down to you and your boundaries, but some customers will ask you to do something and then if you do it they will take you to private. I say it is hit and miss because sometimes they will and sometimes they won't, in my experience. I never flash so for me its a case of putting on an article of clothing or showing my ass which as I have mentioned in previous posts I am happy to do as I am just showing off my figure in a thong, and I think its fair for them to see what they are getting.

I think really its a judgement call and accepting you are sometimes going to make the wrong decision as it's hard to tell who is genuine and who is not. Sometimes you are going to get your time wasted and even though it sucks you have to remember you are bigger and better than that. You can always block them if they return and will be wiser from the experience. I will give you my most recent experience as an example.

I was pestered for about an hour by a guy clogging up my feed wanting to see me in tights. I told him I would wear them in private but he kept saying put them on in public and he will take me. Eventually I did even though I had a gut feeling he was lying and no surprises he left my room only to return an hour later to make the same request. He was promptly blocked! 

It's just part of the camgirl job to deal with these kinds of cheapskates and you have to pretty much accept that it will happen, and sometimes you will get the short end of the stick. The trick is not to beat yourself up about it or get bitter. Just use the block button to get rid of the bad customers and keep smiling to attract the good. Be calm and zen about the whole thing otherwise it will make the job ten times harder than it needs to be and you may find your emotional well  being takes a hit.

I hope this post has been helpful and an honest insight to some of the stuff you can experience as a webcam model. I still say it is an easy way to make some extra money if you are smart and prepared, but it isn't all glamour and funny stories and you will have bad days just like any other job. It is how you bounce back and keep your spirits up that makes all the difference. Be kind to yourself, take breaks and don't let those losers bring you down! Take a week off every now and again too if you can just so you don't get burned out.

If this post hasn't put you off becoming and webcam model or if you would simply like more information please visit my agency website here.

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