Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The colour of sex...

If they really tasted that sweet I would honestly get nothing done...

So last night I was asked about my toy selection from a customer with a particular request. I have a few toys available, an 8 inch pink silicone "Doc Johnson" dildo I purchased here, an Ann Summers slim wave pink rabbit and one of their pink rose petal clit stims.

Now don't ask me why all my sex toys are pink, because I do not naturally gravitate towards girlish colours, and never have. However, when it came to buying my first dildo I think I picked pink because it seemed non threatening and truthfully I was a little scared. I was raised in a very anti-sex house and so when I first left home at the ripe old age of 21, even though I had been having sex for a few years I was still nervous at the thought of an artificial cock.

I remember the first time I got my dildo out of the packaging. It was much bigger than I had anticipated and I was convinced it would never fit inside of me. I'm a petite little thing and at this point was still quite virginal. I had no idea what I was doing, and the 8 incher is quite girthy, so even with lube the first time I tried to slide it in I just couldn't manage it. It was like my pussy closed up! I'd even made myself come before hand to prepare myself, but it just wouldn't go in!  It took a few tries over a week to actually get it in, but when it did finally slip inside I had never experienced anything quite like it. It was such a feeling of fullness and tightness, but it was very pleasurable. I laugh when I think how easy it is to slide it in for my customers every day now. It still feels just as tight, but there's a knack to getting it in.

Anyway I'm getting completely off track! The reason I am mentioning my dildos is that my customer was asking me for a black one to use on myself, and he is not the first. Many of my customers care more about the colour of my dildo than the size and it is actually a real bone of contention for them if I do not stock their chosen colour. Some men have requested black, some have requested clear, some have requested a Caucasian flesh tone. I didn't realise when I got into this that I should have so many colours of cock ready for my clients!

I suppose in many ways it was naive of me to forget that for some men is race a fetish, and that to watch a pale, white girl ride a black dildo is a big turn on. But it's largely about the visual for a cam model client and so some probably just want to picture me riding their own cock, which is easier if the dildo I am sliding in and out of me resembles the flesh of their own and not some candy pink silicone wand. That's my theory anyway. I'm not sure I get the clear dildo requests yet though? Maybe they want to imagine I'm fucking the invisible man? Maybe someone can enlighten me?!

So now I'm thinking of investing in a few different colours for my collections. Does anyone have any recommendations? I do most of my sex toy shopping online at www.lovehoney.co.uk as they have never disappointed but I am open to change. I like them because they do free delivery with no minimum order total and so I like ordering the sex toy cleaner sqwerty and the odd N sized batteries for my clit stim here. It's useful as in this business you need a good toy cleaner, and taking care and maintaining the toys is important, so its nice to have the convenience. I am thinking of getting the clear version of my Doc Johnson and maybe a slightly slimmer, 7 inch black dildo here too.

Would love to hear all about your toy experiences and reviews! Hope you are having as much fun in the sun as me as it has been a glorious week here in London town!

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See you soon. Much love and peace!



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