Monday, 14 March 2011

Step one - Deciding to be a Webcam Model...

The first thing I really want to talk about is the decision to become a webcam model. I don't think this is a career move anyone should make on a whim or take lightly. I think some girls apply without seriously considering the nature of what they are doing and whether or not they would even been good at it.

To be frank since I applied I have been studying camgirls all over the site I am due to appear on. I have read the model tutorial you can find on the Internet Modeling site in the links at the bottom of the page over and over. I am doing this because I believe I have the qualities necessary to be a successful webcam model and consider this a viable business for myself. As I want to make this a successful venture I am attempting to prepare as much in advance as possible and the learn the do's and dont's of cam modelling.

I'm not just talking about physical appearance either. I am a fairly attractive young woman with a nice figure, but there are girls on the site that hands down beat me when it comes to looks. However, some of these beautiful girls look bored and moody and do not bother to talk to the customers when they enter the room. To optimise your success you need to be self disciplined and realise you have to work for your customers. You are not just an ornament, customers want a girl they can interact with, otherwise they would simply go and watch pre-recorded free pornography of which there is an abundance online.

Before you consider a career in webcam modelling, do you think you can handle chatting to a lot of different people? Do you think you have the confidence to sell yourself and flirt with these men?

If the answer is yes then answer me this, do you think you could behave like a professional? Just because you are at home, in my opinion, does not mean you should be taking personal calls, eating, smoking, drinking large quantities of alcohol, talking on MSN, yet I see a lot of the models doing this. They complain and they treat their free chat like its their own free time. You wouldn't be that unprofessional at any job where you were being watched by a boss that could have you fired, so why don't you treat the customers that way and realise you need to act like you want to be there.

I believe if you treat webcam modelling with the same respect as you would a job in an office you will make more money. When you are on camera you need to perform to a high standard and you need to set yourself shifts with breaks for smoking and eating etc. If you can't get yourself in an upbeat mood then take a break or miss the shift, but don't sit in the room looking bored and miserable eating chips and drinking wine, complaining to the customers when they ask to see your ass for the 100th time. I watch these girls and no one takes them into private because there are several nicer, bubbly girls online who wont complain or be chomping down food.

I don't think this job is going to be easy and I think at times it is going to be hard work, but that is why I think I could be more successful than someone who is unprepared for what it might be like. Having worked in the complaints department of a large organisation for several years I know I can take any abuse the customers throw at me with a smile on my face because I have been called every name under the sun. I know I need to be a performance artist when it comes right down to it and I believe I am up to the challenge. Are you?

If you treat it like a novelty or a hobby or a personal chore I don't think you will make as much money as you could and I don't think it's the right career move for you. If you are doing it solely for the money and you don't really want to be showing your body, equally i don't think this is the right job for you. However, if you are comfortable sharing your sexuality, and are prepared to commit professionally to the role I believe webcam modelling could have the potential to turn into a lucrative career.
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  1. omg i sign up with 5points n now i dont know what to do =s

  2. I think the main thing that will make a woman a good webcam model is that she understands the male need for sex. (That is why we guys are paying you and not the other way around!)

    I always ask a cam girl in free if she masturbates when she's by herself. Only if she says yes will I take her into a private show.

    The reason why is that a woman who does that has some interest in sex for its own sake and a little understanding and sympathy for guys and what they want. (Ladies, multiply the feeling you get when you want to play with yourself and multiply that by about 100; that is the way the average guy feel all the time!)

    No, I'm not a troll this is a serious comment.

  3. I am agree with John. Every men need sex enjoyment. Cam models can give them satisfaction. If models are making money on cam then they're giving satisfaction also. It's not a big deal.