Thursday, 17 March 2011

Private shows...

One of my main considerations since decided to do cam modelling is how far I am prepared to go in private chat. I have also been considering what I am prepared to do in free chat as so many models seem to behave so differently. Some models will show nothing in free, others will preview certain body parts for tips and others will be topless or fully nude to attract attention.

The agency rules outlined in the model's contract state that you must not be nude in your public chat room and that appropriate lingerie should be worn. As this has been stated as a rule I would prefer to follow it and not break the terms of my contract, although others seem to do so with no punishment. I don't think I would personally preview for tips as I think it's an easy way for the men to get off without actually having to take you in to private. It seems to result in one person tipping $2 or so for the model to show her breasts to essentially 15 other men as well as the tipper. It seems to me, on the models part, she is giving 15 men a free show, some of whom may have paid to take her private, but as she is showing her breasts in free chat for $2 or whatever they are content to just get off to that. That's just my opinion though.

You do however need to find a balance and allow the men to see some skin to assess you before taking you in to private. At the end of the day you are a model and it is fair for the customer to know what he is paying for before committing to go private. Some models will rudely refuse any requests to show their ass to camera in free chat, or will demand tips. I would personally just stand up, give them a quick twirl so they can see my ass in my underwear and then return to my seat. I wouldn't demand a tip for this because I am not getting everything out or shaking my ass to get them off, that is for private. This way I can tell them they have seen what it looks like and if they would like to see more we will need some time alone together. I think most customers would appreciate that I have been fair in answering their request even if I didn't show as much as they wanted and would probably also appreciate I did not try to bleed them dry demanding tips. I think it's about finding that balance of business sense and sex appeal.

You should also have a clear list of what you will do in private written on your profile so that the men can either read it before they make requests or so that you can direct them to it when they ask in the public forum. You can always talk about what you will do to attract them in, but its a time saver when you are answering that question for the 100th time. I see some models are having to start and stop a lot of conversations to reel off a long list when they could just direct the men to the bottom of their page and continue with the customer they are working on.

I have had to have a serious conversation with myself about what I will and will not do in private chat. Some of these women seem to have no boundaries and will use extreme toys, do shows involving bodily fluids etc. I could not do that ever. I am comfortable doing full penetration with toys but for now I have decided to exclude anal as I am a novice with dildos and have never really done anal play. Most of the women do anal and double penetration however and it seems to be a skill that would be useful to acquire as a lot of the men seem to be into it.

There also seem to be a lot of people who want to be watched, humiliated or given a foot show. I have seen a fair number of requests for cuckolding too. It's interesting and if you are thinking about becoming a cam model I would recommend watching several different models for a little while each night just to see the kind of requests they get and how they handle them. It also means if you do not understand a term you can google it before you are even on cam yourself and can decide early on if you will be prepared to cater to certain fetishes.

I think what I am basically getting at is that you need to be clear with yourself about your boundaries before you begin as customers are likely to react negatively if you waste their time attempting something you are unsure of, dislike or flat out cant do. I have seen plenty of girls that don't do anal getting lots of attention and customers because not every man wants that so don't feel pressured. I also think you need to treat the customers with respect to gain regulars and high reviews because these people will not come back to girls that try to drain their pockets and give little in return.

In other news I had an update from the agency saying my account should be ready in 2-3 weeks so not long to go now and I'm looking forward to starting work and trying out the stuff I have been writing about. I'm hoping a few other cam girls might read this and we can start a little blogging ring which would be fun.

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  1. very helpful advice, I have boundaries set in my profile but im not exactly assertive so I will bend to the whims of the members

  2. As for the how far you will go, also be aware, many sites RECORD your privates and will use them in adverts or even post them on their tube sites.
    As a former studio owner, I would strongly suggest that anyone wanting to do camming, NOT join an agency or network at first. Do your research, join cam girl blogs etc. to learn about pay rate percentages, what it actually COSTS YOU to have them represent you, their contract lengths and restrictions should you want to go independent and have your own accounts etc etc... Many agencies wont release you or your screen name for a considerable period of time.

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