Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My first week

My first week of performing so far has been eye opening. I have made a decent amount of money after working for three days and the job itself has been far from demanding. As my channel has grown in popularity it has been harder to manage all the banter and requests but it has still been easier than any other job I have done.

I am making sure to log out when I'm tired as towards the end of my shifts I can feel myself getting a bit worn out and the smile fading from my face. That's when I know it's time to go. The men have for the most part been respectful and fun to talk to though.

I have some stalker type fan boys now who keep emailing me pictures and will not leave my channel when I'm on. One is always talking about how hes looking up travel costs to the UK. They clearly have no plans to purchase a show and want my attention to talk during free chat but I am polite and generally ignore them focusing on other customers. If they want my time they need to think about buying a show now. They may be polite and interesting to talk to, but I'm not there for my own amusement, I'm there to get paid.

I am still getting the odd perverted or strange requests. I have had several different guys wanting me to pretend to be their sister or daughter and call them brother or daddy. One guy was asking me if I had any siblings and if so would I ever watch them jerk off. It was very strange and although I told him no, I hesitated because he clearly wanted me to say yes, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It was too gross, but he still got off on the hesitation and focused on that instead.

I had another guy ask me to cover my face and breasts in lotion and open my mouth on camera for him. He got me to say his name a couple of times and then a few minutes later exited the chat. I'm guessing it didn't take much for him to finish!

I also had a guy get me to model a couple of my one piece swimsuits for him. He wanted to watch me put them on and take them off, then stand up and pose for him on cam. After a while he told me to take them off and touch myself for him. I'm not sure I will ever understand half the requests I get but whatever they enjoy is fine by me as long as it's within my rules.

I've got a couple of regulars now which is good. One is my big cock guy. He's a real sweetheart and I look forward to our sessions. The other are a young couple who like watching sexy girls on camera. They want me to have a threesome with them, but clearly that's never going to happen, although they can ask and talk about it as much as they like. I like my regulars as they are generous with their time and actually seem to enjoy the sessions more than the guys that just want a quick flash to get off to. I'm hoping to attract a few more but need some time off this week so won't be earning as much.

It's crazy how easy this has all been. My first payment has gone through without a hitch too. £150 for a few hours work over 3 days.  I can't wait to do more really, but I need to pace myself, don't want to burn myself out over the novelty of earning so much.

Will try to update a bit more over the next week but so far a lot of the stuff I mentioned in previous posts seems to be working and I really am earning a tidy little sum for not too much work.

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