Thursday, 24 March 2011

My first show...

So this morning I did my first ever show! It went so much better than I could have hoped and I truly believe it's because I went into it with my eyes open and had already thought about what I was going to do in several potential situations.

One thing I didn't prepare myself for or even think about was customers logging on to my room and instantly logging off. For the first few minutes this kept happening even though I was smiling and saying hi. I'm not going to deny I was a little offended at first and was thinking "Wow! I must look terrible or something! These guys are just leaving as soon as they get a look at me." but the fact of the matter is that quite a few of these men will go through several pages of models to find the one they are physically attracted to and won't waste time hanging around with one girl until they have checked out a few more to make a decision. I had to make a fast decision to get over it and grow a thicker skin because while it was a little jarring at first it really isn't anything personal, and after that I felt totally fine about it. I also noticed that  later on in the show a few men who had disappeared initially returned to spend some time with me.

Once I was used to the chat system itself and getting my video streaming I found it fairly simple to use. I find it hard to view the chat window and see myself in the encoder at the same time so it's a little awkward and until my optical mouse arrives I have to get close to the screen if i want to check the camera angle or private message a customer. Other than that though technically it all went fine.

With regards to the customers to be honest I was pleasantly surprised! The men on the site for the most part were polite and respectful. I was in private for just over half the time I was actually online and most of the requests were based on what I had written in my bio. I was not asked for anal even once which impressed me as it is written in my bio but from watching other girls it often seems the guys don't do this. They also seemed to respect that I would show them figure and ass for free and would then pretty much take me straight in to private to see whatever it was they wanted to see. For a first experience I found it fairly untraumatic. That isn't to say I didn't have some interesting requests or any dodgy customers...

My first ever request was to shove my panties inside myself which I politely declined as I just didn't want to, plain and simple. I don't want to put things inside myself I don't consider safe, I'm not smuggling my panties across the border so quite frankly it's a no!

My strangest request involved someone saying I looked and sounded like an actress who played a particularly famous Disney character. They ended up asking if I had any clothing or props to dress up in for them, but unfortunately as I wasn't aware that Disney was a fetish I did not purchase clothes catering to that particular genre!

I had a few guys get a little huffy when I wouldn't change my public chat rules for them. I repeated that I wouldn't flash my breasts or genitals for tips but I still had people not understanding the rules. I also had a guy tip me $1 to bend over on cam for a while and when I did for what I consider an appropriate amount of time for a small tip, he then demanded further time with my ass on screen for no tip and left the room when I declined.

I had another guy tell me he would take me private for 20mins if I slid my toy in myself off cam but show my face as I did it. I pretended I had done it and pulled a sexy face (didn't want to waste time getting my thong off)  he then said thanks and said if I would show myself sliding the toy in for him in the public room he would tip me $20 before taking me into private chat for 20mins. He literally must have thought I was an idiot. He was blatantly not going to do either of those things and I knew he probably wouldn't take me private from his first request so I told him if he tipped me the $20 first I would slide the toy in on cam and what a surprise he left the room! I found it all rather amusing in truth.

Probably my favourite part of the show was a private chat I had with a real sweet guy who was asking me if I liked big cocks, to which of course I responded yes! He chatted to me for a while and actually spent 20 minutes with my in private because he was just enjoying what we were doing I guess. So far shows seem to be about 5 or 6 mins long on average with a few lasting about 10 mins and some lasting just 2 mins or so.

Anyway! This guy had been telling me he had a huge 11 inch cock and I was sat there thinking "Sure you do... haven't heard any of this before..." when he took me into private and sent me a cam to cam request which I accepted. I'm not even kidding but the bloke had not been exaggerating! He was there on screen in all his 11 inch glory and I am not going to lie I was impressed! His cock was the behemoth of cocks! Easily the biggest I have seen outside of ridiculous sized cock porn. It was insane, really! But we ended up having a great show together and he sent me a lovely thank you message and said he will call again. A real gentlemen to the camgirl ha ha!

So yes, that was some of the highlights of my first show. It was a pretty good night but I am exhausted today as I stayed up far too late. Hopefully going to do another show today and see if I can earn even more. I'm excited to see how all this works as I earned a decent wage. Worked out at £15 an hour so hopefully I can keep that up.

It's been super fun updating you. Ciao for now, more updates soon.

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