Sunday, 20 March 2011

My alter ego...

Beyonce once said in an interview that whenever she went out on stage she was not Beyonce, she was Sasha Fierce, her alter ego, who would do all the sexually provocative things that Beyonce could not. She realised that her stage persona would do things that she would not ordinarily do, and by separating the two she was able to perform in ways she would feel less comfortable doing as herself.

I think this is a great example of what a successful cam model needs to enable her to live her life and to do her job. I personally don't think it would be healthy to extend my personal, real persona to the men I am working for. I think it is much healthier for them to have a well crafted character at their disposal and to consider the job a performance each time, rather than give them any part of my true being. I think if I was to be myself time and time again on camera the lines would blur and I would find myself drained and probably more unsure of my feelings over personal relationships. I think I will need it to be separate so that once the camera is switched off I am no longer London, I am me.

I put a lot of thought in to who London would be and it has been by no stretch a quick decision. Crafting a character for my show personally required a lot of thought. As I have repeatedly said, I want this to be a success and so I take most aspects of this seriously as a professional. I realised that it would be foolish for me to create a character who is the opposite of myself. Although the character is separate from my day to day life, being the exact opposite would not fit. We all have natural strengths and charms that make us attractive, so I think using these built into a different character is the best way to go. You are more likely to win people over with an easy charm rather than something that is obviously forced and unnatural to you. If you create a dominatrix character but don't have the killer confidence to pull it off, it's not going to look convincing on cam.

To create London I spent some time journalling about what I enjoy about a first date, what comes naturally to me with the opposite sex, the sort of compliments men have given me in the past about my personality as well as my looks. To get the most out this experience and give myself the best chance of attracting my customers attention and favour I am going to attempt to play out my best assets and use these to my advantage.

Once I had thought about the kind of personality London was going to have I wanted to create a look to match this. I thought about the kind of lingerie and outfits she would wear and the make up she would chose. Would it be colourful, sexy, understated? There is a market for everything online, so once again it involves playing to the persona of the girl you are creating.

EBay is a great place to start if you are looking for lingerie sets at affordable prices. There are lots of eBay stores based in China that can give you access to baby doll/corset sets for as little as £4 if you take the time to search. Think about keywords when you search too depending on your character. Some great styles could be, Lolita, pin up, burlesque, exotic dancer, dominatrix, gothic, etc... They sky is the limit really. EBay has just about everything you could want.

Another great online store is or depending on where you are located. They have a variety of dresses, lingerie and make up perfect to start out with and get ready for shows. They also have a much faster delivery time than stores that are based in China on eBay.

When choosing lingerie, regardless of the overall look you are going for please remember to pick something that suits your body shape and plays up your best features. If you do not have the perkiest of breasts, pick something with under wire in the correct size. If you have larger thighs, pick stockings in the correct size so you don't have a thigh high muffin top. I am amazed sometimes at some of the things a girl will be wearing on camera. I would not go on cam unless I was sure my outfit and make up were flattering. You can wear whatever you want of course, but to avoid mean comments  from customers and to look the best you can I would recommend wearing something flattering rather than something you think a man will find sexy that is actually several sizes to small or is cut to the wrong shape for your body type.

I suppose my thought for the day is that if you are considering cam modelling, think about who you want to be on camera and practice. Make sure you are comfortable with it and keep who you are for you and the real people in your life, not your customers. Keep your relationship with them all business and let them have access to your alter ego, not you. Also take a little time to practice being that person. I have spent a little time alone in front of the mirror/camera practicing my poses ready for my show so I'm not in shock when I begin, unsure of which angles are the most flattering or unflattering, etc. At the end of the day it is your life and your show so make it what you want it to be.

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