Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hello from London...


I am never sure how to start these sort of things so I will just dive right in!

My name is London and I am starting out as a webcam model. It's quite a surreal experience for me as I am a complete amateur when it comes to the adult entertainment industry, although I am fairly sexually liberated and experienced as I would expect most are at the age of 24.

I can't lie and I truthfully always imagined I would be making my living by a more conventional means. My family are fairly conservative and would balk at the idea of me modelling naked online, however life doesn't always go to plan and at the end of the day if I am comfortable with the thought of doing it then why not? I'm in the prime of my life looks wise and why not exploit that during a time when jobs are few and far between.

I am a writer by nature and I keep a private journal, but as I am broadening my online horizons I thought I would try my best to document my experiences on a blog. These experiences will cover anything from preparing to start my job to the actual modelling itself. I am also an amateur to blogging, having had a few brief dalliances in the past that never quite stuck. I have hopes, however that this blog can be a resource to people wishing to start out in the world of webcam modelling, and maybe also become a bit of light entertainment for those who are inclined to read.

I am registered with an agency called InternetModeling who have so far been very helpful and my shows should be up and running in the next few weeks (they are currently setting up an account for me).

If you would like more information about becoming a webcam model or recruiter, or are just interested in learning a bit about Internet models please take a look at their website.

I'm kind of nervous and excited to start my shows, but I will blog more about that later. This is really more of an introduction to me and what I'm doing. So yeah, thanks for reading this far and I look forward to writing more as I start my crazy journey as a webcam model!

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