Thursday, 24 March 2011

Camming in HD - Tech Specs

If you are thinking of becoming a cam model the best way to earn more money is to broadcast in high definition (HD). Customers are aware of the quality of video chat available to them and having the ability to broadcast in HD will certainly drive more traffic to your channel. When I say channel please remember that I work with an agency and I am registered one of the largest online chat sites as a camgirl. In this post I will be discussing HD streaming as I have found it to be with my agency. I am not an independent camgirl at the moment and so I am writing some of this based on the idea that your agency will show whether or not you have HD video streaming and audio capabilities.

I have touched on the basic equipment you need to cam before, as well as some recommend technology to make sure you have a good start in the business and can compete with some of the top models working online. Here I will be a little more specific about the requirements of HD streaming and the minimum requirements to get started.

Connection wise you will need to have access to a good broadband connection. Wired is preferred so that there is less risk of disconnection, but good wireless will work fine. To send HD video at a good speed you will need an upload speed of at least 0.45mb/s or more. If your upload speed is less than this you will not be able to stream your shows in HD. You can test your connection at to make sure that yours is up to scratch.

Once you know that your Internet connection will support HD streaming, you will need to make sure your camera is able to send video in HD. I have previously recommended the Logitech C270 as a reasonably priced HD cam. You can get ultra slick, fancy webcams for a higher price that will obviously give you a bit more bang for your buck, but this is perfect for models starting out with a limited budget.

Before purchasing a camera, check the specifications. Your camera should be able to stream at a minimum of 640x480. If you already have a camera then check that it can perform at this level. This is really the minimum needed for HD video streaming.

Aside from the Internet connection and the camera your computer will need at least a dual core processor, but this is pretty standard now with new machines so chances are you are fine.

Once you are certain you have met these criteria you should be fine to stream in HD should you choose to cam model. If you are considering starting cam modelling I would strongly recommend investing in HD streaming as it is fairly standard now and it will give you the best start in the industry.

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  1. For those on Macs looking for a better camera than the iSight try the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910