Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Be equipped to cam...

Now for a brief post on the technology required to cam.

I will be running my cam modelling venture from a basic laptop with a built in webcam and mic. While my built in camera and microphone work just fine, the camera does not provide a good quality picture and I feel this may put customers off in the long run as the majority of the models have a decent pixel count and you can see what they are doing in greater detail. HD webcams can be relatively cheap these days and so I can no reason not to invest in a HD cam that will connect via a USB port in your PC.

I personally invested in a Logitech C270 HD webcam because it seemed to meet my needs and limited budget. I found it here at play.com for £17.89 brand new and it has been a breeze to set up. The software was easy to install and the camera itself has a great picture for the price and I am no longer so pixelated when I am on video calls. Friends I skype with told me they noticed a dramatic change in the quality of my calls.

This camera does have zoom options but does not have a remote which I have noticed several girls have and seems like it would be a useful feature. However, the cameras I saw with remotes were a bit out of my price range. I think if you are going to do this long term and have the money a camera with a remote would be a good idea as it saves you from stopping mid show to give the client a better view. However if you are somewhat lacking funds or do not wish to spend too much of a camera I think this is the way to go. The built in mic is good and the picture quality is excellent for the price.

The other, obvious thing you will need is a high speed internet connection. You would think this would be obvious but there are several girls who have cams that are constantly lagging due to poor connection speeds. You need broadband with a good signal if you are connected wirelessly, otherwise I don't see how you will get any customers. If a customer is constantly being cut off by frozen pictures and call lag then I don't think they are going to take you to private. Why would they want to waste their money on constant technical issues when they just want to have a good time? If you are going to cam model, make sure you have a decent internet connection with signal.

Another good investment technology wise would be a wireless mouse, or at the very least an optical mouse with a very long cable. This way you can get your camera and PC/laptop set up the way you want and have control from a distance over viewing your chat window and controlling your camera. You can have the mouse close by on your bed or wherever and will not have to move out of shot or get too close to change camera views and scroll through the chat window.

You can get a wireless mouse for under £10 and can get wired ones for even less. Depending on what you want from your mouse you can get some fancy features like a tracking ball instead of just a typical scroll wheel and you can get the ergonomically designed for comfort but of course then your prices are going to increase. I would recommend investing in what you know is best for you. I like Logitech products as they start at very affordable prices and are solid products in general. I like the Logitech M505 wireless mouse. I like it because it has a tiny USB receiver that can remain in your notebook due to its small size, and also its reasonable price here on Amazon.

Other than this I can't see how much more you would need technology wise. I mentioned in my previous post that models should really be talking to their customers more than typing and so although a wireless keyboard may be another product to consider, its not something I see as totally necessary just yet. I may in a few weeks be blogging about how I desperately need one and eating my words regarding the lack of need to type so we shall see!

Basically these are just a few more things to take into consideration if you are seriously thinking of starting a career as a webcam model. I think setting up properly in advance will give you the best possible start and make things a bit easier when it comes to doing the shows. Although, as I have said I am going through the process myself at the moment and so will be blogging about how it all goes when my agency have finished setting up my account.

Again if you would like to get involved in internet modelling my agency is a good place to start. They have model tutorials and are able to answer any questions you have. To find out more or to apply please visit Internet Modeling at their home page: Internet Modeling Home. Remember it's not just for females, men are welcome to apply as models too, as are couples.

InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!


  1. From the pervin' side of the lens, I'd also suggest a girl have decent lighting. While most places have adequate light and sometimes the darker theme can be a mood thing, it's good to have as few dark spots and shadows as you can. While almost any light can be used as a fill in, a relatively inexpensive umbrella light reflector will give you plenty of light, no hot spots, and perhaps the most important, FEWER HEADACHES since the light doesn't shine directly at you. The normal choices are silver and gold, sometimes white reflectors. Gold is the best in that it gives a warmer, almost tan light as opposed to the silver which can be cold and sometimes grey you.

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