Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My first week

My first week of performing so far has been eye opening. I have made a decent amount of money after working for three days and the job itself has been far from demanding. As my channel has grown in popularity it has been harder to manage all the banter and requests but it has still been easier than any other job I have done.

I am making sure to log out when I'm tired as towards the end of my shifts I can feel myself getting a bit worn out and the smile fading from my face. That's when I know it's time to go. The men have for the most part been respectful and fun to talk to though.

I have some stalker type fan boys now who keep emailing me pictures and will not leave my channel when I'm on. One is always talking about how hes looking up travel costs to the UK. They clearly have no plans to purchase a show and want my attention to talk during free chat but I am polite and generally ignore them focusing on other customers. If they want my time they need to think about buying a show now. They may be polite and interesting to talk to, but I'm not there for my own amusement, I'm there to get paid.

I am still getting the odd perverted or strange requests. I have had several different guys wanting me to pretend to be their sister or daughter and call them brother or daddy. One guy was asking me if I had any siblings and if so would I ever watch them jerk off. It was very strange and although I told him no, I hesitated because he clearly wanted me to say yes, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It was too gross, but he still got off on the hesitation and focused on that instead.

I had another guy ask me to cover my face and breasts in lotion and open my mouth on camera for him. He got me to say his name a couple of times and then a few minutes later exited the chat. I'm guessing it didn't take much for him to finish!

I also had a guy get me to model a couple of my one piece swimsuits for him. He wanted to watch me put them on and take them off, then stand up and pose for him on cam. After a while he told me to take them off and touch myself for him. I'm not sure I will ever understand half the requests I get but whatever they enjoy is fine by me as long as it's within my rules.

I've got a couple of regulars now which is good. One is my big cock guy. He's a real sweetheart and I look forward to our sessions. The other are a young couple who like watching sexy girls on camera. They want me to have a threesome with them, but clearly that's never going to happen, although they can ask and talk about it as much as they like. I like my regulars as they are generous with their time and actually seem to enjoy the sessions more than the guys that just want a quick flash to get off to. I'm hoping to attract a few more but need some time off this week so won't be earning as much.

It's crazy how easy this has all been. My first payment has gone through without a hitch too. £150 for a few hours work over 3 days.  I can't wait to do more really, but I need to pace myself, don't want to burn myself out over the novelty of earning so much.

Will try to update a bit more over the next week but so far a lot of the stuff I mentioned in previous posts seems to be working and I really am earning a tidy little sum for not too much work.

If you are interested in applying to become an Internet model you can do so here.

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

My first show...

So this morning I did my first ever show! It went so much better than I could have hoped and I truly believe it's because I went into it with my eyes open and had already thought about what I was going to do in several potential situations.

One thing I didn't prepare myself for or even think about was customers logging on to my room and instantly logging off. For the first few minutes this kept happening even though I was smiling and saying hi. I'm not going to deny I was a little offended at first and was thinking "Wow! I must look terrible or something! These guys are just leaving as soon as they get a look at me." but the fact of the matter is that quite a few of these men will go through several pages of models to find the one they are physically attracted to and won't waste time hanging around with one girl until they have checked out a few more to make a decision. I had to make a fast decision to get over it and grow a thicker skin because while it was a little jarring at first it really isn't anything personal, and after that I felt totally fine about it. I also noticed that  later on in the show a few men who had disappeared initially returned to spend some time with me.

Once I was used to the chat system itself and getting my video streaming I found it fairly simple to use. I find it hard to view the chat window and see myself in the encoder at the same time so it's a little awkward and until my optical mouse arrives I have to get close to the screen if i want to check the camera angle or private message a customer. Other than that though technically it all went fine.

With regards to the customers to be honest I was pleasantly surprised! The men on the site for the most part were polite and respectful. I was in private for just over half the time I was actually online and most of the requests were based on what I had written in my bio. I was not asked for anal even once which impressed me as it is written in my bio but from watching other girls it often seems the guys don't do this. They also seemed to respect that I would show them figure and ass for free and would then pretty much take me straight in to private to see whatever it was they wanted to see. For a first experience I found it fairly untraumatic. That isn't to say I didn't have some interesting requests or any dodgy customers...

My first ever request was to shove my panties inside myself which I politely declined as I just didn't want to, plain and simple. I don't want to put things inside myself I don't consider safe, I'm not smuggling my panties across the border so quite frankly it's a no!

My strangest request involved someone saying I looked and sounded like an actress who played a particularly famous Disney character. They ended up asking if I had any clothing or props to dress up in for them, but unfortunately as I wasn't aware that Disney was a fetish I did not purchase clothes catering to that particular genre!

I had a few guys get a little huffy when I wouldn't change my public chat rules for them. I repeated that I wouldn't flash my breasts or genitals for tips but I still had people not understanding the rules. I also had a guy tip me $1 to bend over on cam for a while and when I did for what I consider an appropriate amount of time for a small tip, he then demanded further time with my ass on screen for no tip and left the room when I declined.

I had another guy tell me he would take me private for 20mins if I slid my toy in myself off cam but show my face as I did it. I pretended I had done it and pulled a sexy face (didn't want to waste time getting my thong off)  he then said thanks and said if I would show myself sliding the toy in for him in the public room he would tip me $20 before taking me into private chat for 20mins. He literally must have thought I was an idiot. He was blatantly not going to do either of those things and I knew he probably wouldn't take me private from his first request so I told him if he tipped me the $20 first I would slide the toy in on cam and what a surprise he left the room! I found it all rather amusing in truth.

Probably my favourite part of the show was a private chat I had with a real sweet guy who was asking me if I liked big cocks, to which of course I responded yes! He chatted to me for a while and actually spent 20 minutes with my in private because he was just enjoying what we were doing I guess. So far shows seem to be about 5 or 6 mins long on average with a few lasting about 10 mins and some lasting just 2 mins or so.

Anyway! This guy had been telling me he had a huge 11 inch cock and I was sat there thinking "Sure you do... haven't heard any of this before..." when he took me into private and sent me a cam to cam request which I accepted. I'm not even kidding but the bloke had not been exaggerating! He was there on screen in all his 11 inch glory and I am not going to lie I was impressed! His cock was the behemoth of cocks! Easily the biggest I have seen outside of ridiculous sized cock porn. It was insane, really! But we ended up having a great show together and he sent me a lovely thank you message and said he will call again. A real gentlemen to the camgirl ha ha!

So yes, that was some of the highlights of my first show. It was a pretty good night but I am exhausted today as I stayed up far too late. Hopefully going to do another show today and see if I can earn even more. I'm excited to see how all this works as I earned a decent wage. Worked out at £15 an hour so hopefully I can keep that up.

It's been super fun updating you. Ciao for now, more updates soon.


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It's nearly time...

So today my hiring manager emailed me to say my broadcast account is up and running so all I need to do is submit myself a profile and I'm good to go!

I submitted my profile today so hopefully I will be starting my shows in the next couple of days and will have even more to write about. It's exciting stuff!

Camming in HD - Tech Specs

If you are thinking of becoming a cam model the best way to earn more money is to broadcast in high definition (HD). Customers are aware of the quality of video chat available to them and having the ability to broadcast in HD will certainly drive more traffic to your channel. When I say channel please remember that I work with an agency and I am registered one of the largest online chat sites as a camgirl. In this post I will be discussing HD streaming as I have found it to be with my agency. I am not an independent camgirl at the moment and so I am writing some of this based on the idea that your agency will show whether or not you have HD video streaming and audio capabilities.

I have touched on the basic equipment you need to cam before, as well as some recommend technology to make sure you have a good start in the business and can compete with some of the top models working online. Here I will be a little more specific about the requirements of HD streaming and the minimum requirements to get started.

Connection wise you will need to have access to a good broadband connection. Wired is preferred so that there is less risk of disconnection, but good wireless will work fine. To send HD video at a good speed you will need an upload speed of at least 0.45mb/s or more. If your upload speed is less than this you will not be able to stream your shows in HD. You can test your connection at http://www.speedtest.net to make sure that yours is up to scratch.

Once you know that your Internet connection will support HD streaming, you will need to make sure your camera is able to send video in HD. I have previously recommended the Logitech C270 as a reasonably priced HD cam. You can get ultra slick, fancy webcams for a higher price that will obviously give you a bit more bang for your buck, but this is perfect for models starting out with a limited budget.

Before purchasing a camera, check the specifications. Your camera should be able to stream at a minimum of 640x480. If you already have a camera then check that it can perform at this level. This is really the minimum needed for HD video streaming.

Aside from the Internet connection and the camera your computer will need at least a dual core processor, but this is pretty standard now with new machines so chances are you are fine.

Once you are certain you have met these criteria you should be fine to stream in HD should you choose to cam model. If you are considering starting cam modelling I would strongly recommend investing in HD streaming as it is fairly standard now and it will give you the best start in the industry.

To find out more about cam modelling or to apply please visit my agency Internet Modeling at their website.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

My alter ego...

Beyonce once said in an interview that whenever she went out on stage she was not Beyonce, she was Sasha Fierce, her alter ego, who would do all the sexually provocative things that Beyonce could not. She realised that her stage persona would do things that she would not ordinarily do, and by separating the two she was able to perform in ways she would feel less comfortable doing as herself.

I think this is a great example of what a successful cam model needs to enable her to live her life and to do her job. I personally don't think it would be healthy to extend my personal, real persona to the men I am working for. I think it is much healthier for them to have a well crafted character at their disposal and to consider the job a performance each time, rather than give them any part of my true being. I think if I was to be myself time and time again on camera the lines would blur and I would find myself drained and probably more unsure of my feelings over personal relationships. I think I will need it to be separate so that once the camera is switched off I am no longer London, I am me.

I put a lot of thought in to who London would be and it has been by no stretch a quick decision. Crafting a character for my show personally required a lot of thought. As I have repeatedly said, I want this to be a success and so I take most aspects of this seriously as a professional. I realised that it would be foolish for me to create a character who is the opposite of myself. Although the character is separate from my day to day life, being the exact opposite would not fit. We all have natural strengths and charms that make us attractive, so I think using these built into a different character is the best way to go. You are more likely to win people over with an easy charm rather than something that is obviously forced and unnatural to you. If you create a dominatrix character but don't have the killer confidence to pull it off, it's not going to look convincing on cam.

To create London I spent some time journalling about what I enjoy about a first date, what comes naturally to me with the opposite sex, the sort of compliments men have given me in the past about my personality as well as my looks. To get the most out this experience and give myself the best chance of attracting my customers attention and favour I am going to attempt to play out my best assets and use these to my advantage.

Once I had thought about the kind of personality London was going to have I wanted to create a look to match this. I thought about the kind of lingerie and outfits she would wear and the make up she would chose. Would it be colourful, sexy, understated? There is a market for everything online, so once again it involves playing to the persona of the girl you are creating.

EBay is a great place to start if you are looking for lingerie sets at affordable prices. There are lots of eBay stores based in China that can give you access to baby doll/corset sets for as little as £4 if you take the time to search. Think about keywords when you search too depending on your character. Some great styles could be, Lolita, pin up, burlesque, exotic dancer, dominatrix, gothic, etc... They sky is the limit really. EBay has just about everything you could want.

Another great online store is Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk depending on where you are located. They have a variety of dresses, lingerie and make up perfect to start out with and get ready for shows. They also have a much faster delivery time than stores that are based in China on eBay.

When choosing lingerie, regardless of the overall look you are going for please remember to pick something that suits your body shape and plays up your best features. If you do not have the perkiest of breasts, pick something with under wire in the correct size. If you have larger thighs, pick stockings in the correct size so you don't have a thigh high muffin top. I am amazed sometimes at some of the things a girl will be wearing on camera. I would not go on cam unless I was sure my outfit and make up were flattering. You can wear whatever you want of course, but to avoid mean comments  from customers and to look the best you can I would recommend wearing something flattering rather than something you think a man will find sexy that is actually several sizes to small or is cut to the wrong shape for your body type.

I suppose my thought for the day is that if you are considering cam modelling, think about who you want to be on camera and practice. Make sure you are comfortable with it and keep who you are for you and the real people in your life, not your customers. Keep your relationship with them all business and let them have access to your alter ego, not you. Also take a little time to practice being that person. I have spent a little time alone in front of the mirror/camera practicing my poses ready for my show so I'm not in shock when I begin, unsure of which angles are the most flattering or unflattering, etc. At the end of the day it is your life and your show so make it what you want it to be.

If you would like to find out more about webcam modelling or are looking to start working as a webcam model, my agency Internet Modeling are always on the look out for new talent, male or female. You can find information here.

InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Private shows...

One of my main considerations since decided to do cam modelling is how far I am prepared to go in private chat. I have also been considering what I am prepared to do in free chat as so many models seem to behave so differently. Some models will show nothing in free, others will preview certain body parts for tips and others will be topless or fully nude to attract attention.

The agency rules outlined in the model's contract state that you must not be nude in your public chat room and that appropriate lingerie should be worn. As this has been stated as a rule I would prefer to follow it and not break the terms of my contract, although others seem to do so with no punishment. I don't think I would personally preview for tips as I think it's an easy way for the men to get off without actually having to take you in to private. It seems to result in one person tipping $2 or so for the model to show her breasts to essentially 15 other men as well as the tipper. It seems to me, on the models part, she is giving 15 men a free show, some of whom may have paid to take her private, but as she is showing her breasts in free chat for $2 or whatever they are content to just get off to that. That's just my opinion though.

You do however need to find a balance and allow the men to see some skin to assess you before taking you in to private. At the end of the day you are a model and it is fair for the customer to know what he is paying for before committing to go private. Some models will rudely refuse any requests to show their ass to camera in free chat, or will demand tips. I would personally just stand up, give them a quick twirl so they can see my ass in my underwear and then return to my seat. I wouldn't demand a tip for this because I am not getting everything out or shaking my ass to get them off, that is for private. This way I can tell them they have seen what it looks like and if they would like to see more we will need some time alone together. I think most customers would appreciate that I have been fair in answering their request even if I didn't show as much as they wanted and would probably also appreciate I did not try to bleed them dry demanding tips. I think it's about finding that balance of business sense and sex appeal.

You should also have a clear list of what you will do in private written on your profile so that the men can either read it before they make requests or so that you can direct them to it when they ask in the public forum. You can always talk about what you will do to attract them in, but its a time saver when you are answering that question for the 100th time. I see some models are having to start and stop a lot of conversations to reel off a long list when they could just direct the men to the bottom of their page and continue with the customer they are working on.

I have had to have a serious conversation with myself about what I will and will not do in private chat. Some of these women seem to have no boundaries and will use extreme toys, do shows involving bodily fluids etc. I could not do that ever. I am comfortable doing full penetration with toys but for now I have decided to exclude anal as I am a novice with dildos and have never really done anal play. Most of the women do anal and double penetration however and it seems to be a skill that would be useful to acquire as a lot of the men seem to be into it.

There also seem to be a lot of people who want to be watched, humiliated or given a foot show. I have seen a fair number of requests for cuckolding too. It's interesting and if you are thinking about becoming a cam model I would recommend watching several different models for a little while each night just to see the kind of requests they get and how they handle them. It also means if you do not understand a term you can google it before you are even on cam yourself and can decide early on if you will be prepared to cater to certain fetishes.

I think what I am basically getting at is that you need to be clear with yourself about your boundaries before you begin as customers are likely to react negatively if you waste their time attempting something you are unsure of, dislike or flat out cant do. I have seen plenty of girls that don't do anal getting lots of attention and customers because not every man wants that so don't feel pressured. I also think you need to treat the customers with respect to gain regulars and high reviews because these people will not come back to girls that try to drain their pockets and give little in return.

In other news I had an update from the agency saying my account should be ready in 2-3 weeks so not long to go now and I'm looking forward to starting work and trying out the stuff I have been writing about. I'm hoping a few other cam girls might read this and we can start a little blogging ring which would be fun.

If you are interested in becoming a webcam model you can apply here. Or if you would simply like to find out more about webcamhere. Males and females are welcome to apply, as are couples if you would like to involve someone else in your secret camera life!

InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Be equipped to cam...

Now for a brief post on the technology required to cam.

I will be running my cam modelling venture from a basic laptop with a built in webcam and mic. While my built in camera and microphone work just fine, the camera does not provide a good quality picture and I feel this may put customers off in the long run as the majority of the models have a decent pixel count and you can see what they are doing in greater detail. HD webcams can be relatively cheap these days and so I can no reason not to invest in a HD cam that will connect via a USB port in your PC.

I personally invested in a Logitech C270 HD webcam because it seemed to meet my needs and limited budget. I found it here at play.com for £17.89 brand new and it has been a breeze to set up. The software was easy to install and the camera itself has a great picture for the price and I am no longer so pixelated when I am on video calls. Friends I skype with told me they noticed a dramatic change in the quality of my calls.

This camera does have zoom options but does not have a remote which I have noticed several girls have and seems like it would be a useful feature. However, the cameras I saw with remotes were a bit out of my price range. I think if you are going to do this long term and have the money a camera with a remote would be a good idea as it saves you from stopping mid show to give the client a better view. However if you are somewhat lacking funds or do not wish to spend too much of a camera I think this is the way to go. The built in mic is good and the picture quality is excellent for the price.

The other, obvious thing you will need is a high speed internet connection. You would think this would be obvious but there are several girls who have cams that are constantly lagging due to poor connection speeds. You need broadband with a good signal if you are connected wirelessly, otherwise I don't see how you will get any customers. If a customer is constantly being cut off by frozen pictures and call lag then I don't think they are going to take you to private. Why would they want to waste their money on constant technical issues when they just want to have a good time? If you are going to cam model, make sure you have a decent internet connection with signal.

Another good investment technology wise would be a wireless mouse, or at the very least an optical mouse with a very long cable. This way you can get your camera and PC/laptop set up the way you want and have control from a distance over viewing your chat window and controlling your camera. You can have the mouse close by on your bed or wherever and will not have to move out of shot or get too close to change camera views and scroll through the chat window.

You can get a wireless mouse for under £10 and can get wired ones for even less. Depending on what you want from your mouse you can get some fancy features like a tracking ball instead of just a typical scroll wheel and you can get the ergonomically designed for comfort but of course then your prices are going to increase. I would recommend investing in what you know is best for you. I like Logitech products as they start at very affordable prices and are solid products in general. I like the Logitech M505 wireless mouse. I like it because it has a tiny USB receiver that can remain in your notebook due to its small size, and also its reasonable price here on Amazon.

Other than this I can't see how much more you would need technology wise. I mentioned in my previous post that models should really be talking to their customers more than typing and so although a wireless keyboard may be another product to consider, its not something I see as totally necessary just yet. I may in a few weeks be blogging about how I desperately need one and eating my words regarding the lack of need to type so we shall see!

Basically these are just a few more things to take into consideration if you are seriously thinking of starting a career as a webcam model. I think setting up properly in advance will give you the best possible start and make things a bit easier when it comes to doing the shows. Although, as I have said I am going through the process myself at the moment and so will be blogging about how it all goes when my agency have finished setting up my account.

Again if you would like to get involved in internet modelling my agency is a good place to start. They have model tutorials and are able to answer any questions you have. To find out more or to apply please visit Internet Modeling at their home page: Internet Modeling Home. Remember it's not just for females, men are welcome to apply as models too, as are couples.

InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Step one - Deciding to be a Webcam Model...

The first thing I really want to talk about is the decision to become a webcam model. I don't think this is a career move anyone should make on a whim or take lightly. I think some girls apply without seriously considering the nature of what they are doing and whether or not they would even been good at it.

To be frank since I applied I have been studying camgirls all over the site I am due to appear on. I have read the model tutorial you can find on the Internet Modeling site in the links at the bottom of the page over and over. I am doing this because I believe I have the qualities necessary to be a successful webcam model and consider this a viable business for myself. As I want to make this a successful venture I am attempting to prepare as much in advance as possible and the learn the do's and dont's of cam modelling.

I'm not just talking about physical appearance either. I am a fairly attractive young woman with a nice figure, but there are girls on the site that hands down beat me when it comes to looks. However, some of these beautiful girls look bored and moody and do not bother to talk to the customers when they enter the room. To optimise your success you need to be self disciplined and realise you have to work for your customers. You are not just an ornament, customers want a girl they can interact with, otherwise they would simply go and watch pre-recorded free pornography of which there is an abundance online.

Before you consider a career in webcam modelling, do you think you can handle chatting to a lot of different people? Do you think you have the confidence to sell yourself and flirt with these men?

If the answer is yes then answer me this, do you think you could behave like a professional? Just because you are at home, in my opinion, does not mean you should be taking personal calls, eating, smoking, drinking large quantities of alcohol, talking on MSN, yet I see a lot of the models doing this. They complain and they treat their free chat like its their own free time. You wouldn't be that unprofessional at any job where you were being watched by a boss that could have you fired, so why don't you treat the customers that way and realise you need to act like you want to be there.

I believe if you treat webcam modelling with the same respect as you would a job in an office you will make more money. When you are on camera you need to perform to a high standard and you need to set yourself shifts with breaks for smoking and eating etc. If you can't get yourself in an upbeat mood then take a break or miss the shift, but don't sit in the room looking bored and miserable eating chips and drinking wine, complaining to the customers when they ask to see your ass for the 100th time. I watch these girls and no one takes them into private because there are several nicer, bubbly girls online who wont complain or be chomping down food.

I don't think this job is going to be easy and I think at times it is going to be hard work, but that is why I think I could be more successful than someone who is unprepared for what it might be like. Having worked in the complaints department of a large organisation for several years I know I can take any abuse the customers throw at me with a smile on my face because I have been called every name under the sun. I know I need to be a performance artist when it comes right down to it and I believe I am up to the challenge. Are you?

If you treat it like a novelty or a hobby or a personal chore I don't think you will make as much money as you could and I don't think it's the right career move for you. If you are doing it solely for the money and you don't really want to be showing your body, equally i don't think this is the right job for you. However, if you are comfortable sharing your sexuality, and are prepared to commit professionally to the role I believe webcam modelling could have the potential to turn into a lucrative career.
To apply to be a cam model with my agency Internet Modeling please complete this application form and they will get back to you as soon as soon as they have screened your submission.

InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hello from London...


I am never sure how to start these sort of things so I will just dive right in!

My name is London and I am starting out as a webcam model. It's quite a surreal experience for me as I am a complete amateur when it comes to the adult entertainment industry, although I am fairly sexually liberated and experienced as I would expect most are at the age of 24.

I can't lie and I truthfully always imagined I would be making my living by a more conventional means. My family are fairly conservative and would balk at the idea of me modelling naked online, however life doesn't always go to plan and at the end of the day if I am comfortable with the thought of doing it then why not? I'm in the prime of my life looks wise and why not exploit that during a time when jobs are few and far between.

I am a writer by nature and I keep a private journal, but as I am broadening my online horizons I thought I would try my best to document my experiences on a blog. These experiences will cover anything from preparing to start my job to the actual modelling itself. I am also an amateur to blogging, having had a few brief dalliances in the past that never quite stuck. I have hopes, however that this blog can be a resource to people wishing to start out in the world of webcam modelling, and maybe also become a bit of light entertainment for those who are inclined to read.

I am registered with an agency called InternetModeling who have so far been very helpful and my shows should be up and running in the next few weeks (they are currently setting up an account for me).

If you would like more information about becoming a webcam model or recruiter, or are just interested in learning a bit about Internet models please take a look at their website.

I'm kind of nervous and excited to start my shows, but I will blog more about that later. This is really more of an introduction to me and what I'm doing. So yeah, thanks for reading this far and I look forward to writing more as I start my crazy journey as a webcam model!