Friday, 30 December 2011

Camming and Escorting

Hi Ladies,

It has been a while.I don't have as much time for the blog as I did previously, but I will go into more details on that another time. A topic that has been coming into my inbox regularly as of late is escorting. A number of girls are writing to ask if I escort, and if this is something common in the community. I know many of you will be looking into this as debts mount and the sites remain quiet, so I wanted to present you with my opinion on the subject in the hopes that it will help you make the best decision for you.

An escort is defined by the dictionary as one of three things:

  • a. One or more persons accompanying another to guide, protect, or show honour.
  • b. A man who is the companion of a woman, especially on a social occasion.
  • c. A person, often a prostitute, who is hired to spend time with another as a companion.

Definition C is the what we are discussing so let us first consider the fact that it describes an escort as someone who is hired to spend time with another as a companion. Legally, in many countries and the majority of American states, you are not allowed to pay another person for sex. Escorts work around this by saying they are being paid for their time and that anything of a sexual nature that occurs during this time it is at their discretion and between two consenting adults.

I appreciate that there will be some escorts that do not sleep with their clients, but I would bet good money this is very small percentage. You will be expected to perform sex acts as an escort, so in truth it is better to realise you are getting yourself into the world of prostitution and solicitation. You are being paid to have sex with people, regardless of the way it is dressed up. If it wasn't about sex then the escorts ads online wouldn't outline what they will and wont do in the bedroom. If you want to get into this, go in with your eyes wide open for your own safety.

So knowing that this particular branch of sex work is shady at best in legal terms, is this something you really want to risk doing? There is always a chance of being booked for solicitation, and do you really want a criminal record associated with sex work? It is not going to be helpful should you want to change careers later on.

Career prospects and legal issues aside, one of the most important things to consider if your personal safety. Escorting (which I will now refer to as prostitution) is dangerous and therefore you really need to think about what you are truly getting yourself into. Prostitution is the most dangerous profession in America. 204 out of every 100,000 prostitutes are murdered in America alone, and considering there are 40 million prostitutes world wide, that is a lot of death*.

Even with agencies there is no guarantee of safety. If it doesn't kill you, then you are still almost promised violence of a physical and sexual nature. A psychologist called Farley has done numerous studies of prostitution and found some tragic statistics related to the violence perpetrated against these women**:

  • 82% of respondents had been physically assaulted since entering prostitution.
  • 68% of respondents reported that they had been raped since entering prostitution.
  • 48% of the respondents who had been raped, stated they had been raped more than 5 times.

It brings tears to my eyes to know nearly half of those women were raped over five times. Take a moment here and really think about those statistics and the people behind them and what they actually mean. If the physical assault of prostitution isn't enough, then what about the emotional impact? What happens to our minds when the industry takes its toll? In another study conducted in 1998, Farley found that two thirds of prostitutes suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The number suffering with the condition was twice as high as Vietnam veteran suffering with the disorder, and the severity of the symptoms - emotional numbness, recurrent nightmares and flashbacks - was also more extreme than among the treatment seeking veterans***.

I would never judge another human being for working as a prostitute, and I know sometimes there seems to be few options in the world left open. I just know for me the emotional impact would be too much. I have had the opportunity to escort, but I have always declined, even when offered huge sums of money because in part I like to still be able to say I have never slept with anyone for money. Actual sex is something just for the lovers I choose to take. It's not a commercial exchange. It's a boundary I will never cross.

The other reason I don't escort is because I don't trust men who buy sex. I know they aren't all bad, blah blah blah, but I don't trust the majority of those men to see me as a human being. I believe they see me as a sexual object for their gratification and I believe that even though I may get away with a few decent men, for every one of those, there will be two who will turn out to be rapists, or violent, or thieves, or stalkers or murderers. Men who will buy me to exert their power over the "weaker" sex. Some of those men display their darker nature to me online, but thankfully I'm safely tucked away on the other side of the Atlantic for the most part.

None of us deserve violence or sexual assault in our lives, and regardless of whether you are a sex worker, a homemaker, or just a single girl who is a little bit drunk and out of the town, no one asks for it. I am not at all into victim blaming, but lets keep ourselves safe where we can in this situation. Don't put yourself in harms way. As grown women, we all make our choices, but we all deserve better than this. The studies do not have promising results and sadly, there is rarely any form of gain for women in the sex industry. It is all too often romanticised by the few fortunate enough to make a lot of money or have a good experience, (*cough* Secret Diary of a Call Girl *cough cough* Bell Du Jour *cough cough cough*) but the are in an extreme minority. Most sex workers stay poor. Most prostitutes are assaulted. I haven't even gotten into the risks of STD's, but of course that is always there even with a condom. Plus if you are raped, then chances are there will be no condom use anyway.

I think of you girls often when I'm working and out with Beau. Many of you have touched my heart deeply with your stories and I can't bear to think of you in such a dangerous situation. I trust you all to make your own decisions, but please consider this one carefully if it has been on your mind. Camming and phone sex are the safest ways to work in the sex industry, they keep you physically safe and you can switch it off and be done with it at any point. I want you to have the option to walk away from the sex industry with as little regret and as few scars as possible.

Be safe.

Much love



* This previously contained a link to the onlineschool with their statistics. The owner of the link was in my opinion an absolute prick about my site and he demanded I take down the link based on "information Google was providing," stating I have dodgy dealings with the links on my site. All unfounded bollocks and most likely simple prejudice against a site with adult content. If you would like the link to these statistics please email me at 
*** Female Chauvinist Pigs - Ariel Levy - 2005

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gamer Ladies Make The Green!

Gaming is the perfect Friday night! ... Just me then? ... Fine! The cheese stands alone!

As technology has advanced more and more over the past 30 years, and has taken a dramatic leap even in just the past 10, video gaming has become fairly common in our culture. What was once considered a past time for teenage boys and hard core nerds has transcended into the mainstream with the majority of us owning at least one console or hand held gaming device. Most of us own one of these gaming devices by default now just through owning a cell phone. I know I have spent many a dull hour playing with my iPhone. Sushi Cat anyone?

"What does this have to do with camming?" I hear you asking me. Everything my friends, if you have the skills and desire to expand your fan base even further. This applies more to girls who know how to do some serious gaming, but any one could feasibly do this. Personally, I think it is always better when you play to something you are passionate about. I am going to share my experience first of all, and then I will go on to giving you some links so you can progress with this yourselves if you want to. 

I grew up gaming. My dad had an old Commodore 64 and an Amiga when I was a kid and I remember playing games like Captain Planet and Zool before I was even in Primary School. (My favourites were the Lucas Arts games like Monkey Island which I have even now on Steam, and also the British Simon the Sorcerer Series *Fan girl squee!*) I also had brothers and so gaming was a firm staple in my house. My brothers have had every console imaginable as well as PCs, and of course I never wanted to be left out so I had to do everything they did, and do it better!

I play several multi-player games like Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, FIFA, and Worms. These are all games you can play online with people across the globe and one day I was talking about playing Worms Reloaded in my room. One of my customers piped up "I want to play you at Worms, can I have your Steam ID?" I told him that he couldn't because it was personal, but it got me thinking and soon I created new accounts and avatars across my consoles and games for my stage persona. I figured why not give these guys the opportunity to play with me, as long as they are willing to pay for it first.

I contacted the customer and asked if he was still interested in gaming with me, but that if he wanted my ID it would cost him 1000 tokens for a friend add and 20 minutes of gaming. If I stayed longer it was at my discretion and he could arrange further gaming times at my Skype rates or just see if I would play him on the off chance for free. He agreed but asked if I would game topless and appear on Skype while we played so he could flick between the two. I said yes and the rest is history. I now offer this service to all my customers across various platforms. I have a Steam account all set up for the PC gamers, as well as a PS3 service and a World of Warcraft character that is just ready and waiting to go on sexy quests!

I personally love to do this now and have had several customers take me on quests or play Worms. They often like me to game naked and while it does impair their ability to play somewhat, it's still great fun. I love getting paid to masturbate and play video games!

I also try to incorporate my gaming into my public shows every now and again. I do naked dance mat, and naked Wii Fit jogging/yoga. I have cosplayed as game characters too like Rikku from Final Fantasy and Princess Peach from Mario (I love Nintendo and I really want to cosplay as Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess). I'm even thinking of doing X-rated photo shoots of me dressed as video game characters. I have a very geeky fan base and they really seem to enjoy these fun kinds of shows and features. It's goes to show again how important it is to be creative in pleasing your fans and working the niche that best fits you. Just look at this other UK MFC gamer hottie! She has a great cam score!

If you are a gamer already you will probably already know about Steam and what not. If you aren't a gamer girl, but would like to look into it, I highly recommend you download Steam from here and set up an account. You can download games or get customers to gift them to you, and go from there. I recommend starting with something like Worms Reloaded which is fairly user friendly and fun. If you have never gamed before and are trying to keep up with veteran Counter Strike dudes then you will struggle! Also...

Who said gaming isn't sexy!
I hope this has been a helpful post, and please don't forget to contact me with any feed back and suggestions at

Hope you are all well and I wish you much happiness!

Much Love



Monday, 26 September 2011

Jenga - Cam girl games

This but naked...

So we have another game to think about playing in public chat today... Naked Jenga! This can be a fun little game to play, especially if you have a steady hand. I am the queen of Jenga so I personally have a lot of fun doing this. Our local pub has lots of different board games on offer and my group of friends and I love to play drunk Jenga. Really we just try to build the tallest tower possible, which isn't the correct way to play, but we're a bunch of crazy rebels so there you go!

Okay so Naked Jenga is basically where you set up a Jenga tower and charge customers to remove a brick and place it on top of the tower. If the tower falls you could do a public show, or treat it like a long game of strip Jenga, taking off an item of clothing each time you make the tower fall, then end that with a public show. It really depends on what you want to do and how skilled you are at playing the game. To mix things up I like to mark a few of the bricks with different colour marker pens on the tops or bottoms, and assign an action to each colour. For example, red could be pussy flash, blue could be tits.This makes it similar to my dice game in that respect.

It's a really simple game to play, but has a high pay off for the customers when the tower falls. I recommend pricing your Jenga bricks a little bit higher than you might with the dice rolls, but again this depends on your Jenga skills. I would be more inclined to do this if you're doing the public show right off the bat when the tower first goes! I would also recommend your public show be something relatively tame if the tower falls quickly and you haven't made enough tokens. This is so you don't get too worn out and can stack the tower again ready for another public show if you aren't doing the strip tease version.

Hopefully a nice simple little game to keep things fresh in public chat for you ladies! I hope your shows are going really well and would love to know if any of the games I have suggested have worked out at all. Feel free to leave a critique, something positive or add your own games or recommendations in the comments or email me at You can also tweet me at @LondonCamgirl, but I am a rubbish tweeter!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Much love



P.S - As a side note I just wanted to thank you all for reading. We have had over 20,000 page views since the site started and I feel really blessed to have you check out my blog. The stories you tell me over email never fail to inspire and encourage. I know there are many amazing women reading this and I feel lucky to have had you read my words and speak out such kindness. I really wish you all so much happiness, peace and love!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - Only Girl In The World

This song played about 3 times when I was on my pub/club crawl for my birthday a few weeks back. I was totally loving it! So much adrenaline that night dancing in a packed club with my girlfriends. We had glow sticks and were raving it up 90's style!

I love dancing to it in my shows and always walk with a bit more swagger when it comes on my iPod. I love Rihanna at the moment and "Only Girl In The World" is this weeks anthem. Hope you enjoy!

Have a good Sunday!

Much love



Friday, 23 September 2011 Site Review!

Social networking meets sex... finally... *sigh* is a cam site with twist. It's a cam site that operates with a social network style that I am personally loving. Each girl sets up her own profile page with pictures and a bio and can update her status, just like you would on a site like Facebook. You get paid to respond to emails and can set your own rates for video chats, pictures sales etc. With starting commission at 65% for models it's not a bad take home considering you choose the rates, and interestingly with the more you earn, the higher you take home percentage gets. You can take up to 90% commission as a high earner and if that isn't enough incentive to shake your money maker then I don't know what is!

You can find more information regarding MyGirlFund here on StripperWeb Forums, and on the MyGirlFund site directly, but it looks pretty good to me. They have a variety of payment options and give a decent rate of commission. If the traffic is as good as they claim then this could be a tidy little earner for us ladies! I will definitely be looking into it myself.

Although saying that hopefully they won't sue me for no real reason like they have done with some people... *cough* Look at this! *cough*

London approves (but not of their over litigiousness)!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Where I disappeared off to that time I went away...

I love a man who isn't afraid to have a man with a moustache like that tattooed on his arm.

Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared for about month in July. Well, when I say some of you noticed, I really mean a lot of you noticed and actually emailed me to make sure the pilot I was posting previously about hadn't killed me or that I wasn't really sick as you are aware I suffer with long term health issues. I greatly appreciate all of you who emailed me during that time, and I apologise to those who have not yet received a personal response from me. You will receive one I assure you, but I am quite behind on my correspondence so bear with me just a little while longer.

Things between Beau and I have been a real whirlwind. Not something I had planned on happening at all when I started this blog back in March. I am one of the most level headed, logical people you will meet on days and so it has come as quite a shock to me to throw aside my usual "Type A" tendencies and allow myself to be swept away in a relationship.

Beau is nothing like the men I usually go out with. In the past I have picked complicated, troubled men. I suppose I am a fixer. I am trained in counselling and I am aiming to get a PhD in Psychology so it has always been a passion of mine to help people who are struggling with emotional issues. It took me me some time to realise that I needed firm boundaries regarding my boyfriends mental health and stability, which would probably be completely obvious to others. That coupled with my health problems meant I would always put up with a lot of crap because I thought no one sensible would ever want to build a life with someone who is at times essentially disabled.

I was skeptical with Beau. I had been single for a while and I was trying to suss out his deal. I was convinced he would be a psycho, because in truth that is what pretty much all my boyfriends turned out to be in the end. I watched him so closely on our dates, but his reserved nature and softness gave me a sense of security. The first night we were together confirmed that he was not ordinary by any means.

Beau is actually an incredible man. He is talented, creative and successful as well as being sensitive and loving. After two months of dating he had to go away to Spain for an extended period of time to work on one of his projects. He took me to dinner and said that the past two months had been so special that he wanted to throw caution to the wind and ask me join him. I'll never forget it.

We were at The Ivy in the West End. He had booked us a table there after taking me to see a show. I remember feeling a bit nervous because no one had ever taken me anywhere so nice before (I sound like I'm Eliza Doolittle or something I know! But really it's just most of my previous boyfriends were unemployed or students...). He looked so handsome in his Armani suit and tie. He doesn't usually dress up, but he was the one who insisted we have a fancy pants night in the West End and he did not disappoint. I felt giddy with adrenaline as we walked from the theatre to the restaurant. It was like I'd been drinking champagne on an empty stomach, I had butterflies and my head was deliciously swirly. I couldn't remember a time I had felt more proud or happy to be on some one's arm.

The dinner was beautiful and I was excited to try creme brulee for the first time. Beau was laughing at me as I tried to crack the caramelised top with the base of my spoon unsuccessfully. We were laughing, and then suddenly he grabbed my hand and said bluntly, "I just found out that I have to go to Spain for at least a month, but I don't want us to be apart. I understand if you say no or if you can't come, but tonight just confirmed to me that I want you with me. Will you come and stay with me in Spain?"

I didn't know what to say. I sat there in silence looking at him with the spoon still in my hand hovering in mid air. A million thoughts rushed through my mind. Looking at it logically the idea of Spain seemed ridiculous. I had only known Beau for two months and it was far too soon. We hadn't even talked properly about whether or not we were truly exclusive. My mind was whirring as I tried to process everything.

Beau looked disappointed but resilient as I remained silently stunned and he quickly began to make his case. "London, I know this seems really fast, but I think we have a connection and I wouldn't ask if I didn't have a good feeling about us. I have never felt this way before, or taken a risk like this, but I think we should take a chance and really give it a try. It might not work, but lets just do it! Life is too short and like people say if you find something that makes you happy, hold on to it. And you make me more than happy..." He trailed off for a moment. He gripped my hand so tightly I could see my fingers turning purple. "London, I think I love you. If you feel the same then let's just go for it. You don't have to worry about the money, it's all paid for. You just need a passport. What do you think?"

His warm brown eyes looked full of fear as I watched him confess his love. It was the most passionate I had ever seen him. In that moment I knew I loved him too and I that even if it didn't work out, it was completely worth the risk. If I didn't go with him I would regret it for the rest of my life. Seeing him overcome his natural reserve gave me more faith than I had ever had before that this could be it. He could be the one.

"I love you too and I will go to Spain with you." I laughed nervously, not quite believing what I was saying.
"You will?" he said shaking his head in disbelief himself. He started to laugh, the relief of my answer spreading across his face. "Thank God!" he laughed, and I felt his hands shaking with adrenaline as they were cupped around mine. "I'm so glad!"

He called for the bill and we left. The walk back to his place was magical. The warm night air enveloped us as we kissed deeply at the top of his road. My shoes were killing my feet so he had scooped me up and carried me for the last few streets. I was so turned on seeing him in his suit and smelling his aftershave. He smelled so clean and fresh, like the rain on sweet, fresh cut grass. As we kissed, his hands roamed over my body and he tugged at my dress. I could feel him so hard against my thigh as he grabbed my ass and pulled me in closer. I wanted him to take me right there in the street.

He groaned and swept me up into his arms again and dashed towards his house. "I need to get you inside." he panted as he leaped up the steps on his front porch. He fumbled for his keys, but in no time at all we were in his flat and he was tearing off my dress with his teeth. He set me on the kitchen table and slid off the straps of my dress. He kissed my nipples and I felt his hot breath move down my stomach as he pulled the satin over my thighs and let it drop to the floor. Naked on his kitchen table I let him ravish me. He tore off his shirt as he kissed my body, sucking and biting my nipples, letting his tongue run down to my thighs. There was no teasing this time as he buried his face in my pussy. He let his tongue explore every part of my and I steadied myself as the pleasure from his tongue washed over me.

I spread my legs wider as he focused on my clit. His tongue flicking and swirling all over it as he teased my tight little ass with his fingers. I could feel him circling my anus and stroking my taint. It drove me wild and even more so when he plunged his fingers deep into my pussy. I shuddered with ecstasy as he took care of me. I felt so complete as he slid in and out with his fingers and tasted me with his tongue. I could feel myself getting close and I gripped the table hard to brace myself.

He sped up his tongue and fingers and I ran my own fingers through his hair. My legs were shaking as I came so close. "Don't stop!" I begged. "Oh God! Don't Stop!" As the waves of pleasure flooded my clit I held his head and pushed his face further into my crotch. "I'm gonna cum!" I could feel the pressure building as his fingers brushed my G-Spot over and over. "Oh God! Yes!" I cried as I arched my back and sprayed his face with my juices. He made me squirt all over his kitchen floor and I collapsed with my damp, sticky back against the table.

Beau licked my pussy as I winced at the sensitivity of it. I let him clean me up before he climbed on top of me. The table creaked as he pressed his body against mine and kissed me sensually. His tongue entered my mouth and I could taste myself. I could feel his throbbing cock against me and he pushed me legs back so I could take him. He slid inside me and moaned loudly. I ached with pleasure as he began to grind deep in my soaking pussy. I took his dick and loved it. He pushed me legs right back over my shoulders and fucked me so good. I moaned as he filled me. It felt so tight and delicious. I came hard again all over his cock.

He got off the table when I came and slid my ass down to the edge. He stood up and started to really pound me hard. I bit my lip to keep from screaming his name and waking the neighbours, but he knew if he bent me over he would break me and make me cry out. He flipped me over and spanked me like a naughty girl and slid back inside my pussy. He fucked me nice and rough and pulled my hair, knowing how much I love it. It felt so amazing and I began to lose control. His cock kept hitting my G-Spot over and over and soon I was crying out and screaming his name as he fucked me over the table. The louder I got the harder he fucked me until he couldn't contain himself any longer. He pulled out as he got close and turned me around. He stroked his cock a few more times and blew his load all over my face. It tasted so good.

His cum dripped down to my tits as I licked as much as I could from my face. He smiled at me and handed me some tissue. "You're amazing." he sighed with contentment. "I can't wait until Spain."
"Me either." I said as he pulled me too my feet. "I think it could be the best thing I ever do!"

And so with the last of our energy we fell into bed and slept...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Personal Prices and Pay Sites...

How much do you charge and where do you charge it?

Many people have been asking me about my personal prices for selling my panties etc on MFC. I never thought to include this before here before as it seems like something that each individual needs to decide on their own. Some people will think I'm too cheap, others too expensive, but I have found a price range that works for me and my regulars and enables me to reach the goals I set myself for each show.

They have also been asking me which e-wallet/pay sites I use and if I don't take PayPal, for my private business external to the cam site, then what am I using instead? Today I will reveal my personal prices and the pay site/e-wallet I favour and my reasons for this.

I currently use AlertPay for my MFC payments. I use AlertPay because it isn't a risk to use in the way that PayPal is, and it doesn't charge me for it's services aside from a small fee for transferring money into my bank account. Although it doesn't offer me a debit card system, which would be awesome, I hate the idea of being charged daily just for the privilege of having an account which I have noticed many e-wallets and pay sites do.

I have previously said PayPal was a good way to be paid, but I now know this is not correct. PayPal have taken a real conservative stance against the camming and sex industry and will ban users for using their accounts for adult work. My old cam studio, no longer offers PayPal for payments, and if you are currently with any cam site or studio that is offering PayPal as their primary method of pay, I suggest you find work elsewhere or at the very least change your own payment options. Your account can be frozen permanently and they may ban you from having an account in the future.

I often come across customers who want to pay for shows without using the site of giving out credit card information. They want to use PayPal or Western Union, but I would never recommend accepting these or giving them any of your personal bank details as they could be used for fraud or to trace you. As I make plenty from my public shows on MFC from time to time I am happy to accept Amazon Vouchers in place of tokens. (I buy so much online these days it seems perfectly logical to me!) They send them to my stage persona's email account and I can buy products with my Amazon account registered under my stage email. When accepting these gift vouchers, always make sure to apply them to your account before you begin the show to ensure they are real and valid, as some customers may attempt to send you fake voucher codes.

So as well as prices for things like photo gallery passwords and panties, on MFC I offer private Skype and Instant Messenger shows instead of private shows through MFC at the customers request so I have worked out the pricing for this. I have included UK Pounds Sterling (£) as I'm in England of course, but just so you are all clear it's 0.05 cents per token anyway and as a model you keep the full 5 cents each token is worth.

To encourage men to buy my IM shows I would slightly undercut the amount of tokens they would spend taking me to an exclusive chat through MFC. Remember a private is 60 tokens per minute. Again, those that don't want to go through tokens on MFC would pay me in Amazon vouchers, so I have also included the value I accept for these. I do not book private shows under 10 minutes long, but included the per minute price so you know what I'm working for.

You will also notice that my token price per minute goes down the longer the show is. I do this to encourage the customers to book more time for better value. They don't have to use all their time in one go, so I will sometimes have a regular buy 60 minutes and use it up over a couple of shows.

OK so my prices for my private IM shows are as follows:

Book 10 - 15 mins and the token price is 50 per min

1 min = 50 tokens - £1.52 - $2.50

10 mins = 500 tokens - £15.20 = $25.00 - Amazon Voucher £15/$25

15 mins = 750 tokens - £22.80 = $37.50 - Amazon Voucher £20/$35

Book over 20 mins and above and token prices go down to 40 per min

1 min = 40 tokens - £1.23 - $2.00

20 mins = 800 - £24.60 = $40.00 - Amazon Voucher £25/$40

25 mins = 1000 - £30.75 = $50.00 Amazon Voucher £30/$50

30 mins = 1200 - £36.90 = $60.00 - Amazon Voucher £35/$60

Book 45 mins and the price goes down to 35 tokens per min

1 min = 35 tokens - £1.07 per min - $1.75

45 mins = 1575 tokens - £48.15 = $78.75 - Amazon Voucher £50/$80

Book 1 hour and the price goes down to 30 tokens per min

1 min = 30 tokens - 0.92 - $1.50

60 mins = 1800 - £55.20 = $90 - Amazon Voucher £60/$90

This is how I make some of my money. I made this list so when asked about private shows over Skype or MSN I had amounts to give people. It's enough to make it worthwhile in my mind. I keep the list open on my laptop in a word document and have the prices advertised on my profile so I can direct customers there if needs be. I will point out now that I DO NOT advertise the Amazon Voucher prices. I only offer this to customers who express an interest in spending money externally from MFC that I cannot convince to pay in tokens.

I also sell lingerie, stocking and tights I buy from a cheap store in the UK called Primark. I pay something like £1 per pack of 3 lace panties and sell them off at about £12 a pair. I also sell phone services, body painting requests, pictures and videos. The prices are as follows:

  • 400 tokens panties or stockings delivered to UK mainland - £12.66 - $20 - Amazon Voucher £10/$20
  • 500 tokens panties or stockings overseas delivery - £15.83 - $25 - Amazon Voucher £15/$25
  • 250 per video - £7.91 - $12.50 - Amazon Voucher £10/$15
  • 100 - 300 tokens for my photo gallery password (different levels of nudity/sexual actions in each) - £3.16 - £9.50 - $5 - $15 - Amazon Vouchers £10/$10-$15
  • 1000 tokens for personalised message in body paint with 10 pics sent to email - £31.67 - $50 - Amazon Voucher £30/$50
  • 2000 tokens for my stage persona's mobile number (replies and texts etc at my discretion and this is stated clearly) - £63.34 - $100 - Amazon Voucher £65/$100
These are my prices and I based these on what girls similar to myself were charging, along with the prices of the top models on MFC. I try to give fair, reasonable prices for a girl who isn't a particularly prolific online model, as I want to keep my anonymity some what still. If I was trying to truly build my brand I would increase my prices as my fan base grew.

I will tell you now that I make the majority of my money from my public shows and these are just a few services I offer on the side to encourage offline tips and bring in more cash. This is another reason I can afford to keep my prices at what I consider to be a modest level. When I work I set a goal of between 2000-3000 tokens per shift and try to reach it every time I log on. I don't always make it because some nights people just don't bite, but more often than not now I have my regular clients I do quite well and completely exceed my target. My aim to to make a minimum of $100 in a 4 hour shift, but I often make at least $200 or easily $300 on a good day. This pales in comparison to some girls, but again I haven't built up my brand as much as some women do. I am confident that if I was to market myself more openly and create more content that I could make a lot more money each shift.

I hope some of you have found this helpful and enlightening as to what I personally charge. I am not saying these prices will be right for every one by any means, but it may give you a rough idea of what some of the ladies out there are charging and help you plan accordingly.

Hope you are all really well. Keep going with it ladies and you will get there eventually.

Much love



Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Finally a way to earn extra lunch money without beating up the nerds in the cafeteria!

I have recently been looking for an additional site to sell my content on. I have lots of photo galleries and a few videos that I sell over at MFC, but I was looking for somewhere else to list them, and hopefully widen my audience too. It was during this search that I found (ELM).

ELM is an adult industry site that hosts and sells the content makers original work, which can be photos, videos or erotic fiction/artwork. They will sell these as long as the content maker has the rights to the content and is featured in all the photographs and videos. Their selling rules and rates can be found here.

It is a neat little site with two main categories. The first is called "Custom Jobs" in which sellers post the type of content they can make and then work with the buyer to create the content to their personal specifications. The second type of content is called "Download Now", and this is pretty much what it says on the tin. It is pre-made content that is available on the site for immediate download and consumption. In my mind this site is the Etsy of porn!

There is no live streaming capability on the site so you can't do a live show for customers here. It is not a cam site! However I think it is a stroke of genius and the rates are very reasonable. Payment wise sellers will receive 65% of all sales. The site operates a credit system, each credit being worth $1.00 and the sellers receiving $0.65 per credit. You set your own prices and the site accepts sellers from all over the globe and uses my pay site of choice, AlertPay.

If you are looking for a place to expand your content sales I would highly recommend Take a look and see what you think.

Much Love



LondonJones's Public Profile Page.

I wish I typed my erotica on a typewriter in heart shaped groups of text...

LondonJones's Public Profile Page.

Some one might have joined Extra Lunch Money to sell erotica! My self promotion is shameless and I love it! ;)


Monday, 19 September 2011

Shake it nice, then roll those dice - Cam Games

Vegas or Bust!

I regularly mention that the key to successful camming, especially on sites like MFC, is keeping your customers interested. This means varying your shows and engaging with your customers in new and creative ways. Here I am going to outline a simple game for you to play with your room. It has been a big hit in my room and is so simple, you can break it out at any time you like without any real planning needed.

All you need is 1 dice. You assign an action to each number, with one number in particular, usually 6 as something especially risque. The reason I suggest having something extra naughty for one of the numbers is so that the customers have a bigger incentive to roll. It's gambling and they may have to roll 10 times before they get to see what they really want to see. For me it would be as follows:

1 = Ass flash/booty clap to the cam
2 = Deep throat/suck on my dildo
3 = Tit flash/bounce
4 = Pussy flash/spread
5 = Sexy dance/strip till fully nude
6 = Nude Masturbation

Now I set the price of a roll pretty low because I know I will get a lot of interest and many fans will want multiple rolls. I will set the roll price between 50-100 tokens, but you know your customers so set whatever you like. You can also be creative and do offers like "Buy 2 rolls get the 3rd free!" You could even add another dice, or a dice with more sides and increase the amount of actions and numbers in the game.

I try to be fair to the people who pay for rolls and will perform for a similar amount of time as someone who tips me, if not a little longer. If my performance is encouraged by more tips I roll with it and keep the party going rather than stopping to take more rolls.

This is really just a simple way to interact with customers that is a little more interesting and can help add some variety to your performances. Go break out your old Monopoly set and borrow the dice for the evening and see how it goes! Hopefully you will be making it rain in no time!

Wishing you much prosperity!

Much love



Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - Super Bass

I cannot get this song out of my head, so now you must all feel the wrath of Minaj. I love the song Super Bass and love Nicki Minaj. Her album, "Pink Friday", is always on in the background during my shows these days.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Much love,



Saturday, 17 September 2011 - Listing site for serious models

X marks the spot!

Are you an independent model looking to expand your customer base and gain more traffic to your personal site? Are you set up to take on private payments and perform private shows through instant messenger services as well as through your primary cam site? If this sounds like you then may be able to help you achieve your goals as a model.

VirtualXGirls are a listings directory, meaning that while they don't stream live cam shows, they will list your profile and model contact information in exchange for free advertisement on your own blog or webpage. If you don't have a web page to place one of their banners, the service is $5 a month.

This could be an invaluable service to serious independent models, dedicated to building their brand and reaching more customers. Marketing and exposure is a fundamental part of building your brand and when it comes at the cost of a banner placement on your site I certainly think it is worth considering.

If you want more information regarding you can find it on their sign up page, or on their thread at the StripperWeb Forums.

Wishing you all much wealth!



Thursday, 15 September 2011

Daily Dot Reports on Camming! - Inside the Industry

Nice to see a bit of community spirit! It's a group effort ladies, one pair of tits can't service all the men!

A couples of weeks ago I was approached by journalist Lauren Rae Orsini who wanted to talk to me a little bit about working as a cam girl, and the cam girl community as a whole. She told me she would be writing an article for the Daily Dot, an internet news site, and asked if I would be happy to contribute a long with several other girls. Of course I said yes!

Lauren was incredibly thoughtful in her questioning and I feel she has represented our community fairly and accurately. I think she has handled our profession sensitively and without judgment, which is just what you want from someone approaching this industry from the outside. I think that giving us a chance to share our experiences with a mainstream audience has been a rare opportunity and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out.

You can read Lauren's article featuring my contribution here.

She has also written an article relating more to the business aspect of the cam world which you can find here. She talk about the legal and financial aspects of the business which I think will be an eye opening read for many of us who are more amateurish in our approach. Definitely worth a read!

I hope you are all having a good day today and go out and make some of those $$$! I would also like to say a big thank you to Lauren for treating our community with such respect before I sign off. Thank you, Lauren!

Enjoy your day today ladies and gents. I am off to get more moving boxes!

Much love and peace.



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Camgirl Acronyms, Shorthand and Slang with Elizabeth Battleree

Have you ever felt like your customers or peers are speaking another language?


So today I got an email from the very talented Elizabeth Battleree to let me know she had linked one of my posts to her site. I was of course flattered, but I don't plug people just to return the favour. I only link to sites that I think are worth a look and in this instance, Elizabeth is definitely a blogger you need to check out.

In the post I'm linking to, Elizabeth explains the short hand and commonly used lingo used not just in the chat rooms and private messages sent on cam sites, but also the acronyms and colloquialisms used between cam girls on the cam girl forums. If you have ever wondered what a BBC looking for a BBW is then look no further. (And no it isn't a British television network looking for a Build-a-Bear Workshop, before you ask...)

I thank you, Elizabeth, for saving me a hefty writing job! What an absolute treasure!

Check her out at

Hope everyone is doing well. I will give you a personal life update soon I promise for those of you who are curious!

Much love and peace to you all!



Thursday, 8 September 2011

Connecting with other models...

We are individuals with a common role in a huge industry...

The adult industry, and camming in particular, is like no other job. At times it can feel amazing, liberating and fun, but like all jobs it has its ups and downs. There are some days when we could just throw our laptop out the window after the millionth Johnny Nobody yells "show ur titz bitch!" There are days of low financial takings, sometimes that turns into a slump. It can be easy to get demotivated and want to give up when we lack the support we need and let our concerns get on top of us.

When I think of most regular jobs, usually people are working with a team of colleagues who help keep their spirits up, assist them with their projects, ease their concerns and offer advice. As most cam girls work solo and work from home, there isn't that same level of camaraderie that you would get with most other work if you are not connected into the community. The cam girl community isn't just a presence at events like Exxxotica, it is a living, breathing, vibrant community online with 1000's of women chatting daily about anything and everything on forums and blogs.

Networking in this industry is important not only for business opportunities, but also for personal fulfilment. I think it is important to interact with other people going through the same thing, who you can vent to when things get tough, ask advice when you need it, or just share a really good tip or story. You can also chat about day to day things to do with your life outside camming with other models. It can be nice to get away from the customers and just have some personal time talking to people who are your peers.

Aside from making friends, you can also find these communities a great way to keep up to date about the latest cam girl networking tools, the best up and coming sites and current industry news. For me personally, I have met a few girls in my local area and after building up a friendship we have started doing the odd show or two together. It has been a great way to boost income and expand my repertoire.

Bearing all this in mind I will now hit you with the linkage (I have a terrible Pauly Shore impersonation in my mind whenever I say linkage and an urge to go watch "California Man"...):

1) Stripper Web Forums is home to a community of strippers, lap dancers, cam girls and more. They have a special section of the forum dedicated to those of us who strip online and are a warm, friendly, welcoming community. I highly recommend!

2) AmberCutie Forums is the home of AmberCutie a lovely model on MFC. Fans and models post regularly on her board and again it is a wonderful community!

3) Cam-girl Notes is a very informative community of women, with many members weighing in on the political side and darker side of camming and adult work. A great community with a strong global presence.

As well as forums you can also find a whole host of information and friends on sites like Experience Project where people start groups based on common experiences and feelings. You can also find a lot of support from the blogging community on sites like Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, etc. I recommend getting stuck in and looking for like minded people to connect with. In the long run, knowing you have friends in the industry to help you through the tough times as well as celebrate the good can be really uplifting.

Hope you make lots of new friends and find what you are looking for!

Much love and peace



Friday, 2 September 2011

My insane female customer...

I have my very own Bunny Boiler Barbie!

There is a girl who used to frequent my room called Jamie. She is pretty, young thing and says shes is 18, which by the look of her is believable. She looks very, young and certainly acts that way. She kind of reminds me of a Barbie without the big breasts. She essentially stalks me when I'm online, never giving me a minutes peace from the moment I log on to the moment I log out. I will have to repeatedly ban her on MFC every 60 days, but it's probably my own fault we got into this situation.

The first time she messaged me she wanted me to view her cam as she said she was a woman and she wanted to ask me what I thought of her. Curiosity got the better of me and knowing that if she turned out to be a dude I could just ban her for wasting my time, I opened up her stream and she really was as she described. She was absolutely gorgeous and I left her cam on just because it made a change from all the ugly, old cock I had been viewing for tokens!

We talked a lot during my show and she asked if she could have my Skype as she was an aspiring web cam model too and wanted to chat about it. She said she didn't really want to do site work as she always arranged things privately, but was interested in how it worked should she look into it in the future. Being the sucker I am for helping a damsel in distress, I gave her my stage name emails and told her to message me any time.

That was my first mistake...

Every time I was online she would start talking to me which was cute at first, but was really just the start of a very strange relationship. She was overtly sexual and told me over and over how much she wanted me and really thought we would be good together. I was flattered at first and thanked her. I even told her I thought she was pretty too, because it was the truth, however looking back this probably only spurred her on because the girl clearly had some psychological issues and it got pretty intense.

The first time we talked on  Skype she asked if we could video chat and I said yes. I was fully clothed at this point and just relaxing at home, but when I answered her call she was completely naked. Maybe it's the British in me but I was just too polite to even question it. I just smiled and talked to her as if nothing was out of the ordinary and I had of course totally expected to see her naked...

We chatted about working as a cam girl and how the sites worked, but during our conversation she kept changing the subject back to me and asking me if I really was bisexual.

"Of course I am." I said. "It's one of the few truths on my MFC profile."
"Oh wow so you have been with women then?!" she asked
"Of course... If I hadn't been with women I would probably describe myself as bi-curious..."
"How many women have you slept with then? Are they better in bed than a man? I've only been with men but I'm bi-sexual."
I balked at the directness of the question. "Ummm... I've been with a few women sexually, but never had a relationship with them. I don't really want to get in to numbers..."
"Is it because it's a lot? It's okay if it is." Her eyes lit up. "I think it's hot to have a lot of experience!"

Her hand slid down her flat stomach and onto her pussy. I could see her playing with herself and had no idea what to say. I wasn't used to a woman behaving that way without at least having the other party naked at the same time!

"Jamie... what are you doing?" I asked, although we both clearly knew what she was up to.
"Touching myself... I was hoping you would get naked too and we could do it together..."
"I see..."

I looked at her, all young and eager and a part of me wanted to throw her a bone and have some fun. She was very pretty, but I just wasn't interested. Something about her personality just turned me off. She was too babyish and I like my women to be feisty and strong. She seemed so needy, and using her nakedness and constant references to sex to seduce me came across as desperate and immature. No woman has ever seduced me with a skimpy outfit, lets put it that way. There is nothing hotter in my mind than good conversation and that is exactly why I was so into the pilot!

It didn't take long for my rational side to kick in anyway. If a man turned on his camera and was naked without paying for it I would have instantly switched off. It was actually disrespectful of her to assume I would just want to see her naked at any given time without asking me. It was also disrespectful to assume she wouldn't have to pay for my sexual services.

"Jamie, I think you should put your clothes on."
"Why?!" she cried "Don't you want to play with me?!"
"Not really, darling. I don't generally have cyber sex with people I hardly know for free. You're very pretty but I would prefer to be just friends."
"But I really like you!" she whined.
"Then you'll be glad to be friends or you will pay for my services. The choice is yours."

She sat silently for a while not moving or attempting to dress, like a huffy teenager, so I logged off without saying goodbye. She was clearly a little deluded and not used to being turned down so I thought the shock might do her some good. I hoped maybe the dent to her ego would calm her down so we could actually be friends.

Second mistake...

From them on every time I came online to do a show she would harass me with PMs begging me to talk to her and view her cam. I gave her plenty of warnings that I was actually working and would ban her but she didn't listen so eventually I had to block her as she was flooding the room with messages. Nothing abusive, just all very needy and attention seeking saying she loved me and I was gorgeous and she wanted me so much.

After the block she started sending me emails begging me to un-ban her and talk on Skype. She sent me hundreds of naked pictures of herself and kept trying to convince me to meet her in person to sort all this out and have sex. She was an absolute nutter this girl! Completely insane and I have had to block her and ban her from every single online method of contact. All her mail goes straight to spam now so for the most part I can just ignore her now. I know she still emails me though.

It just goes to show you that the women can be just as bad, if not worse than the men sometimes. I have never had a man send me hundreds of pictures of his dick after I rejected him, but maybe I've just been lucky so far!

I hope none of you are Jamie's next victim. If you see a pretty blonde on MFC desperate to cam with you, think twice before handing over any contact info. Even if she is an "aspiring model".

May much love and happiness come flying your way!



Saturday, 27 August 2011

Camming Mothers

The only type of camming you should be doing with kids.

This post is not directed to the hundreds, nay thousands of mothers who work in the adult industry and support their kids, love them to death, raise them right and protect them from inappropriate exposure. This post is directed at the disgusting, lowest of the low girls who have no concept of what is appropriate for their children when they decide to get into the adult industry and start camming.

Becoming a web cam model is something that more and more mothers are looking into due to the flexible working hours and great pay. It enables them the total freedom to work around their kids schedule and it can be really empowering to have a means to provide, especially when some girls have been trapped in poverty for some time.

All decent human beings know that children have no part in the adult industry. All decent cam girls know that children have no place on camera and all decent mothers would not cam while their children are actually around.  You would think everyone would understand this concept, but no! They don't! More and more women are allowing their children to run around and get into the shots and it is completely unacceptable.

I have heard stories of mothers breastfeeding their new born on camera, a 2 year old running around, mothers disciplining their children on camera. This is sick and wrong on so many levels. It is basically child abuse! In case you are a complete idiot and did not know why camming with minors is wrong, here are some of my reasons you probably shouldn't do it:

  1. It is illegal! - You are on an adult sex site. It is illegal to show minors on a site with sexual content or have them view sexual content. It is actually illegal to show anyone on a legit site that has not been age verified by the site themselves! 
  2. You are basically making child porn - If you are breast feeding on what is essentially a porn site, you just made it sexual even if you don't consider it to be. Even if you are not naked or masturbating in front of the child it is still illegal! If you or the child are naked then you are making child porn.
  3. Your child could end up posted all over the Internet! - There are some sick people out there who could screenshot your child and use that picture wherever they choose. Why would you want to risk that?
  4. You are putting the site at risk - The site could get shut down if your violation of their rules goes public. You could cost hundreds of women their jobs for your one moment of stupidity.
  5. You could have your children taken away from you - If I saw you on camera with a child I would take a screen shot of your model name and the picture of you on screen with the child. I would email it to child services and I would beg them to trace your IP, find you and take your child away from you so you cant expose them to your sickness any more.
  6. You could get banned from your site - Then you can't make any more money. Don't get me wrong I would be glad you got banned, but I'm trying to give you reasons not to do it in the first place.
I mean there are millions of reasons this is a bad idea, but those are just a few. Just don't fucking cam with kids okay?!

It really can't be that hard to keep them out of the way. If they are newborn, cam during nap time and keep the baby monitor to hand. If they are toddlers wait til they are asleep, at preschool, on a play date, at your parents, whatever. Invest in a lock on your door so they can't just randomly wander in. Whatever your excuse may be for allowing your child on cam it isn't valid. If they need something you prioritize your child, log out, throw a robe on and go deal with them. There is never an acceptable circumstance for them to be on camera while you are working.

So to all you mothers who cam without breaking any rules and do right by your kids every day I salute you! And to all the others who treat their kids like shit and expose them to this industry you will get your just desserts one day. Karma will find you.

And finally, if you see any children on camera during a show while browsing a cam site it is your duty to report the model. Do not stand by and allow these women to mistreat their children by displaying them illegally on an adult video chat site. Take a screen shot, ask the girl what she thinks she is doing and if she doesn't immediately rectify her behaviour send it to the admin team and if you are so inclined, child services. Use your judgement, but at the end of the day if a mother is stupid enough to have her child out on camera, what else is she capable of doing? Don't allow potential abuse to go by unchecked through passivity. If you see it take responsibility for reporting it.



Saturday, 20 August 2011


You could unwittingly star in a porno film... Ever see "Girls Home Alone... Or Are They?"

I am writing this article due to a theme I have noticed in the emails that I have been getting recently. It seems a number of new web cam models, and girls considering this career move are concerned about the possibility of being caught on camera by someone they know. They want to know if there is a way to minimize this risk or remove it altogether.

There is never a way to completely remove the risk of being seen online unless you never once show your face, have no distinguishable features on your body that a person who has seen you naked would recognize, work in a room with plain walls and do not speak. Lets face it though, hardly anyone is going to pay to take that girl private.

The things you can to do minimize your risk of being seen online start first of all with setting up with a site that allows you to block certain states or countries. If you have friends or relatives you suspect may find you online, you can block these with sites like streamate and MFC who offer this service to their models. Location blocking is a very useful tool, but will still not guarantee your total anonymity.

Whether you like it or not, when you perform for your customers it is very likely they will take screenshots of you, and even potentially film your shows. They may do this simply to add to their own private collection (or wank bank as I like to call it.), however some will upload it to other websites for streaming and there is a possibility that your image/shows could end up in other places online. This is why location blocking is not a reliable safe guard for your online protection. Once you have broadcast your show, any paying members with the ability to capture it are then able to distribute it to other sites that will have no location bans.

If you have any doubts about entering this industry I suggest you think long and hard before making any commitments. Your decision to model online should not be made lightly. If there is any reason you cannot afford to be discovered by friends or family regarding this work, I do not think you should take the risk. There is no way to do this with guaranteed anonymity unless you do not speak or show your face, and do not have any distinctive features on your naked body. There is no sense in doing this if it will put you in a difficult or dangerous position later on if for any reason you are found out. Be wise.

This job is wonderful if you are comfortable with yourself and do not fear the repercussions of being discovered. I have told no one but my best friend about my job, however if I was to be discovered and my shows to be screened elsewhere I would manage. No one would disown me or get aggressive, even if they were disappointed in my career choice. If I thought I would lose anyone truly important to me through my working as a cam girl I would never have started down this road. To me it would not be worth the anxiety or the sleepless nights.

To summarize, if you are on the fence about camming because of the privacy issue, take a few days to think long and hard about it. Imagine what would happen if various family members found out, or if one of your shows ended up on a file share server or a porn site. Think about how you would cope with those scenarios and after a few days of deliberation make your decision. Camming is not for the thin skinned or faint hearted. If you are going to do it, I suggest you commit to do it passionately and bravely and if you have any doubts get rid of them before you begin, because once you have been naked in front of hundreds of people you can't undo it.

I hope this has helped a few of you who are struggling to decide.

Enjoy your day. Much love and peace!



Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thank God that's over!

Closed for business now! Sorry!

I finally ditched my stupid, game playing sub customer. He was driving me up the wall so he had to go. Seriously!

There is a thing known in this industry as "topping from the bottom", which is where a "submissive" is actually very controlling and will not really enter the submissive role. I find it's impossible to work in these sort of conditions as a cam girl because we are actresses trying to get into a character and play the role effectively and so if someone says they are a sub, but keeps interupting and correcting your role in the game, it is frustrating for both parties and means it is difficult to have a proper session. Topping from the bottom is frowned upon, insincere and impolite and you are well within your rights to call the person out on this behaviour. At the end of the day a true submissive relishes the loss of control, and even if they have boundaries (which is fair enough) they will obey you completely until those boundaries are reached.

I am not so desperate for money I will let some prick come in and try and manipulate and rip me off at every turn. I sent him a lengthy email outlining how our relationship would work and he tried to make out I was unreasonable for expecting prompt payment before speaking with him. I told him in return that he was a rude, cheap bastard whom I had no interest in working with any more... Ooops!

He got pretty upset and tried to win me back again by saying I was the only model he wanted and it wasn't his fault he didn't understand and really I should want to talk to him for hours for free because he's such a sweet guy. I essentially told him to go fuck himself. I told him if he didnt know how to treat a girl after this many weeks, and this many warnings he was obviously too stupid for me to respect. (I don't pull my punches!) I also told him I have plenty of real men in my life to talk to so I don't need to spend hours with him talking about his whiney-ass problems. If he wants someone to talk to he can go see a shrink. They are probably cheaper per hour than me anyway, although admittedly you don't usually get to see their tits...

Customers pay for our time and once they have paid for it we do whatever was agreed between us. This guy obviously wanted to talk but not pay for the privilege so would book an hour long show but delay the payment and try and keep me chatting for as long as possible. They need to remember if we want to chat on our own time it is completely at our discretion and should be after the paid show so we have a choice. Don't ever let a private client treat you that way and don't be afraid to get strict. If they haven't responded to more delicate methods, bluntly outline what you expect because whether they like it or not this is your job and until you can trust them to pay on time and do what they say, treat them obviously as a customer and not a friend. They have to earn back the right to be treated like a friend if they fuck you around in my opinion.

The customer is still emailing me but I just ingore him now. I'm glad I have the control back and I feel like a weight has been lifted because now I no longer have a weekly battle with some difficult, hard to please, wanker. I come across as a bit of a tough cookie, and I suppose I am, but I don't relish conflict. I want things to run smoothly so I don't have to get blunt and tell people where to go. I always try the delicate approach first but when that fails you have to get a bit more real.

I hope you guys are having better customers than this guy. Just watch out for a really fussy submissive in your rooms... You don't want him trust me!

Much Love



Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - Won't Go Quietly...

Today we have British artist, Example. I love this song and it has been stuck in my head all week. I think most of us have been in the situation he's describing at one point or another. Right? Or does the cheese stand alone?

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and as it is a special day for me tomorrow... I am ageing... I may not update.

Much love



Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ring Ring! - Phone Services

Not quite the use for your phone that I had in mind...

Many sites like Streamate and Livecam offer their customers a phone service that often proves to be very popular and therefore lucrative. When I was working for Internet Modelling I took advantage of this myself and found it often boosted the number of privates I received. Some men just love to talk dirty on the phone!

Knowing this was a popular service I was a little disappointed when I realised MFC didn't have any options for phone. With Livecam my number was encrypted and the customers would call through the website as a blocked number. It made for a really easy service knowing no one would have their personal details put out there with potential risk.

I was doubly disappointed when customers on MFC kept asking me for phone services too. I didn't want to give anyone my home or contract mobile phone number when that's just for friends and family. After assessing a few different call packages I decided to take matters into my own hands and order a no frills, cheap phone handset and a prepaid sim card. This way my real number would be completely safe and I could just switch off the phone if it buzzed too much, with customers who had been given the number, for my liking!

It has proved relatively popular and I have a few different options I talk through with my customer in private because once they have a personal mobile number they often want to use it for more than just the show. I offer a picture messaging service where I can send them a certain number of pictures per week/month for a price. I can send them voice recorded messages for a price. They can arrange to pay for a sexy text package where we flirt over text for the week.  (My cell provider offers unlimited texts if you top up £10 a month so it makes no difference to the amount I'm spending no matter how much I reply.) They can also arrange for phone sex as long as they make the call and are happy to pay my fee as well. There are a lot of things you can do with a phone and it makes customers feel like a VIP having these exclusive options.

You need to make them feel like a VIP with your number in my opinion. My number comes with an initial one off cost or a prebooked Skype show of a certain length. This means they have spent a decent amount with me so I let them feel like they are high rollers. I will not give out my number to people who want to just take me into private without a tip first or having them book a skype show because of all the 1 min privates you can get. I also outline a list of rules of fair use. They can text me any time and I will reply at my discretion (Unless they book a phone package in which case I will reply). They can also call me to chat in general if they text first and I agree to take the call. I warn them though that this comes with being a high roller and really earning that privilege. I only give special attention to my most generous regulars.

If your earnings really take off and it proves a popular service you might want to take on a second contract phone to get better value on texts, calls, etc (Assuming you already have one contract phone like most do.). I can't really give you much advice on phone providers though, just the potential you have in offering a few extras independently.

I also came across another site looking at camgirl marketing via phone called

If you look past the fairly crappy site design you can see that they are offering to make you a pay site and a downloadable app for the Android Market place bringing you straight to your customer's phone. You just need some videos and pictures and you are away.

You get to keep 100% of the app revenue and 70% of the money earned through the paysite. It could be a tidy little earner if you are looking to get your name out there and the company gets more established. Have a look and see what you think. It certainly won't be for everyone but it's an interesting concept and another way of using new technology to our advantage.

Hope this post has been helpful.

Much love to you all.



Friday, 5 August 2011

It's been a while...

So ladies (and gents...) it has been some time since I have posted and for that I sincerely apologise. Some of you have emailed me with your concern or posted in the comments but I have been crazy busy for a while and life took an unexpected turn.

Long story short I have been travelling, using some of the money I earned to take a very long vacation. Beau and I went together and things are progressing insanely well. I'm not the type to rush, but we will likely be living together before long.

We went and rented a villa in Spain, but I didn't have my laptop with me so I was emailing from Internet cafes and sometimes my phone when the signal worked. It was actually really nice to be disconnected from the world for a while...

But now I'm back and although the updates may not be as frequent due to my impending move I will try never to abandon you all for this long ever again! So now I'm back feel free to resume sending me your questions and I will start posting more tips and tricks in no time!

Much overdue love



Thursday, 16 June 2011

Card Tricks...

Clotheslines... not just for clothes!
This post is about a little game you might like to play with your customers. We will call it "Super, Happy, Fun Mega Card Countdown!!!!"

For SHFMCC you will need:
  • 2 decks of cards
  • 1 envelope (optional)
  • Clothesline (optional)
  • 53 Pegs
This is a thoroughly delightful little game which you may or may not have seen played before at various fairs and drinking establishments (known in the UK as pubs).  I think your customers will enjoy it and you can continue the game over several nights until you run out of cards.

The premise of the game is that customers will purchase a card from one of a 52 piece deck. They get to pick the suit and the number. You have chosen from the other 52 piece deck (this means no jokers etc) a single card at random and have placed it in an envelope. Once all of the cards have been purchased by your customers you will open the envelope and reveal who has the matching card and won the competition and a fabulous prize! It is like a giant, random game of snap.

If you are able to the first thing to do is get your camming area set up. I recommend attaching a clothesline or some string in a zig zag or just generally horizontal fashion on the wall your camera will be facing. This will give you a great visual with all the cards behind you. Once you have set up the clothesline, take one of the decks of cards, removing all the jokers and rule cards and peg each card to the clothesline so you have 52 playing cards all ready to be plucked as the customers purchase them.

If you don't care about reusing the cards you could write the clients names on the cards and re-peg them up as you go, or you could be economical and just write a list to keep track of who purchases what card and let the clothesline start looking empty as you countdown. I also recommend putting the envelope holding the winning card in the centre of your display and ideally making it colourful and eye catching. Our customers are visual creatures and it always looks good and encourages tips when you make an effort.

You can keep this game going for several weeks if the cards don't all sell out right away which they may not. Just remember to stick a little ad on your profile page about it, promote it on Twitter, and just have fun playing with your customers.

May the cards smile upon you!



Wednesday, 15 June 2011

To pee, or not to pee...

I think this picture says enough...

Okay I'm just gonna put this out there... Golden Showers. They are often requested of me by customers and always denied. "Why?" you might ask me when customers are willing to pay big to see this... interesting show. The simple answer for this is that it is against the rules of every chat site I have researched. Golden showers can get you fined and banned from most sites so I recommend you do not partake of them inside your camsite login.

I am not personally comfortable peeing for someone's entertainment. Heck, I hate it when someone is in the next stall in a public bathroom. (I'm convinced everyone listens to me when I pee and judges me... I'm not sure why.) However, if you are comfortable doing it and would like to offer this service I highly recommend you do it privately, outside the site via Skype, Yahoo or MSN. This ensures that whoever you are working for have no reason to reprimand you. It really isn't an act worth getting banned or fined over.

Also scat play in my opinion should never be on the table! Ever! And you know I'm not talking about some fast, freestyle jazz singing either. If they want number two then you tell them where to go or if you are into that sort of thing you make them pay through the fucking nose, sister!

I don't like to blog about such matters really. Toilet stuff isn't my thing, probably because I have wicked bad IBS, but I know it is a popular fetish and the amount of requests are growing. While I can find no evidence of it being illegal to perform on cam, most sites have banned it's depiction on camera along with vomiting and violence. Please read your site rules very carefully and if you do choose to perform something that is legal in the privacy of your home, but not on your site, just do it safely and hygienically on Skype.

Much love and begging you to please, please, please not poop on cam!



Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Camming when you're on...

Periods. They are a pain in the ass, but a fact of life. I think we all get a bit pissed off with them at one point or another, but for ladies working in the adult industry a period can cost you a weeks wages.

I have had several aspiring cam girls email me recently regarding their monthly menstruation and how one might get around this messy situation and avoid losing income. I thought about it for a while and came up with a few options, but there is only really one I am truly happy with.

There is an old escort trick of using a small piece of sponge and inserting it inside yourself to absorb the flow  while still leaving room for insertion of fingers/dildos etc. I would say that if you do this for only a couple of hours and are incredibly safe, not using a sponge with dyes or really scratchy exterior (obviously!), etc it may be OK, you must be very careful! If you were to forget you had it inside you and leave it there you would be at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which is very, very nasty! Lethal in some cases. The sponge could be difficult to retrieve if it gets pushed a bit too far into the cervix too, so be prepared for an interesting chat with a doctor or very, very close friend if you can't get that baby out.

I also researched whether or not a mooncup type form of sanitary product would be useful for cam girls as this would be medically safer I feel, but unfortunately the cup sits low in the cervix and so penetration would not be ideal. Penetration would only be very shallow at best.

If you are not looking to use toys or penetrate yourself during a show while you are on your period you could use a mooncup or the old stripper trick of using a tampon with the string tucked in or cut off. Again I would recommend thinking carefully before cutting off the string from the tampon as this can make it hard to remove and if it gets stuck will warrant a fast trip to your gyno/ER if you have no friends willing or able to assist you.

Contraceptive wise if you discuss this with your doctor you could go on the pill and just run several of the packs together. My doctor told me personally that if I didn't want to bleed just run the packs together until I ended up with breakthrough bleeding and then take my 7 pill free days. This normally happens after about 3 months or so. However, this was advice I received from my doctor who was happy with my blood pressure and medical history etc. Do not use this blog as free reign to alter any medical advice you have been given regarding contraception. Talk to your doctor because at the end of the day it is completely confidential and you are not obligated to give them any real reason behind your enquiry anyway. You just don't like having periods, okay doc?!

The contraceptive implant has also been known to stop periods altogether for some women, for others it just makes them a little irregular. My best friend has about one period a year on the implant so again could be worth looking in to if you want to use contraception as a means of controlling your cycle.

My best advice though really is just take the time off. I understand making money is important to us, but I think putting anything that isn't medically safe into your vagina is not okay. Your health should be your primary concern over making money in these instances. You are intelligent, adult women and therefore can be trusted to make the best decisions for yourself which is why I am posting all of the above options, however I do think you should consider just taking the 5 days or so to just look after yourself.

Camming constantly, week after week is not easy and many performers suffer from burnout. Also where we physically see our money grow during our shifts it can be very easy to become focused solely on earning and getting more, never satisfied with our current paycheck even when we can make so much more compared to people working regular entry level jobs. I think taking 5 days off to pamper and nurture ourselves is a good way to recharge and get back into the hectic camming routine.

Camming can be very stressful, you can slow days, mean customers, soreness downstairs from playing too much so why not just be kind to yourself, give yourself permission to let the money take a backseat for a few days and remember that you are what is important in this scenario and your spiritual and physical well being come first. Get a spray tan, manicure, treat yourself to a fancy dinner or some new lingerie, just do something for you during that time and know you will be recharged and even better when you get back on cam in a couple of days. You deserve it.

I don't think anyone really needs the added stress of a sponge up the vajayjay now do they?

Hope you are all well and having a great time on cam.

Much love